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Attorney Fee Awards: A Handbook for Attorneys by Leonard Bucklin

Attorney Fee Awards: A Handbook for Attorneys

by Leonard Bucklin

200 pages
Compact reference for recovering, or defeating, an attorney’s fee award.

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Category: Law
About the Book
The compact handbook for any attorney fighting to win, or defeat, an award of attorney's fees.

Attorney Fee Awards is a versatile - short - guide available for busy litigators. Importantly, it prevents common blunders. Saving you time and effort, this compact handbook identifies and describes law and practices that are applicable to most cases, and it gives you vital tips and advice. Included in this handbook:

The law you need to know in claiming (or defending against) a "reasonable attorney fee".

What the "lodestar" is, and why that is just the beginning for the court, and for the attorneys on both sides of the case.

How to make time records that clients, courts, and juries rush to accept (plus how to attack your adversary’s time records).

Special considerations regarding attorney fees in settlement negotiations.

Traps in the procedure for seeking an award of fees.

Forms, including testimony outline question checklists for discovery depositions of the adversary's fee expert, and direct examination of your own expert at trial.

And more!

Attorney Fee Awards is an attorney’s basic reference handbook for recovering, or defeating, an award for attorney fees.

Attorney Fee Awards identifies essential law and practices in attorney fee award litigation. This handbook is not for criminal law, or for domestic relations law. But this handbook for lawyers does succinctly state the essential law and practices applicable to attorney's fee awards in most cases in most areas of litigation. It contains both federal and state law references. This handbook is designed to be a clear, concise, terse, and precise expression of law, with the added plus of proven tips and forms for depositions and trial. Attorney Fee Awards is a "learn and use tool" for you.

This is one of the LawyerTrialForms™ series of legal forms and books for trial attorneys. LawyerTrialForms™ is a provider of compact tools and authoritative advice that are immediately useful in litigation. Their products have a reputation for containing valuable information, new original ideas, and proven tips and forms that move attorneys quickly and surely to their litigation goals.



About the Author
Leonard Bucklin Leonard Bucklin is one of the top trial lawyers in the United States, and was elected a Fellow of the International Academy of Trial Lawyers. His advice to attorneys, in more than 16 books and journal articles, is founded on a multi-state practice with litigation across the country.



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