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Beyond The Veil of Innocence by D.L.Jones

Beyond The Veil of Innocence

by D.L.Jones

156 pages
What lies beyond the veil of innocence at death

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Category: Spirituality And Psychology
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About the Book
Who am I? Why am I here? What should I be doing with my life? Is there a meaning, or a purpose to our lives? If there is then what is it? Who are we all? Are we all connected in some way? Is there anything beyond this physical life, or is this all there is? When someone dies is all that made them unique just gone? Where did we come from, where do we go from here, and why are we here now?

There is a veil of innocence that is drawn closed at the moment of death, and there is a reason for that veil. Until now we have not been allowed the knowledge of what lies beyond that veil. There are millions of near death stories. Beyond the Veil of Innocence is the first in which someone has penetrated the veil, entered the light at the end of the tunnel of death and then was returned to life in order to, at the right time, tell of what lies beyond.

When I was twelve years old I died. There was no one there to resuscitate me. I died alone. Let me take me with me when I find myself in a very dark place with a light in the distance. When I hear someone call out to me from the light I went in to see who it could be. I can, now, tell you what I learned in the light.

At the time of death our lives are reviewed and judged. I want you to be with me when my life is judged so that you may know what your life may be judged on. A powerful Presence presided over the judgment. There were many Others that reviewed the details of my life. I would like to share with you step by step the details the Others considered important enough to report to the Presence, all the aspects of my life that passed, and of my failures.
When the judgment was finished the Presence spoke to me. He said,” You are not, yet, ready to pass on. There are three reasons you must return and live out your life. The first is you are meant to do something you have yet to do. The second is you are meant to influence someone you have not yet met. The last is you have not, yet, learned enough to accomplish the other two.” With that being said I felt myself being returned to my body, but just as the Presence and the Others were fading out to me the Presence said one more thing, “You will tell no one of what you have learned here this day. It is not yet time.”

Over thirty years later I felt the Presence again. This time he said, “Now is the time to tell of what you have learned. Tell your story now.”

Let me tell you what I learned in the light, and what I have learned since.



About the Author
D.L.Jones D. L. Jones shares his life, in Amarillo, with those most precious to him; Marilyn, friend, wife, and companion of thirty-seven years, Chris, his son, and Chris’s three children, Slade, Madison, and Abigail. He lives his life according to his philosophy that our most important assets are friends and family.



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