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Leading By Design by Raymond Newkirk

Leading By Design

by Raymond Newkirk

444 pages
Learn to become more effective through a Leadership Design approach.

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About the Book
Leaders often forget that organizations are more fragile than individuals. For evidence of this, you need search no further than the record of the Organization Change programs of the last two decades. In retrospect, commentators now see many of them as dismal failures.

While individuals are very resilient and can overcome unbelievable challenges, an organization may collapse in reaction to a single poor decision. Yet both organizations and individuals change and evolve over time. For leaders the challenge is always to reduce the fragility of organizations by leveraging the resiliency of individuals. This type of leadership cannot occur by accident, hype, or spontaneously. It takes an expanded, disciplined, and evolutionary leadership approach in which leaders succeed through Leading by Design.

While the world becomes more complex, many leaders unwisely extrapolate the past into the future. For leaders and followers alike the complexities of life at the dawn of the 21st Century are indeed unique. The fundamental problem for leaders today is that they have little experience with solving the new types of problems that urgently challenge all of us. Being a leader is difficult. Indeed, leaders certainly are the most paradoxical of people – forward living and backward thinking. They talk about the future but like the rest of us know only the past. The problem of leadership cuts across a wide body of thought.

In Leading By Design, Raymond Newkirk presents a disciplined and well-developed framework for exploring many of the issues raised above and offers answers to the problems they hide. Leading By Design examines the core issues of emerging thought in evolutionary leadership and clarifies a few of the more significant implications of this thought for modern organizations and the human beings who form them. Leading By Design encourages leaders to get serious about a lot of things in their lives, and the lives of those in their care.

Although Leading By Design is not especially large, it covers an enormous body of thought as it introduces the ideas of several powerful thinkers. Raymond Newkirk wrote this book in the belief that people can discuss the stinging issues of this age while solving salient problems that impact organization performance, strategic thinking, and human worth. In its entirety, Leading By Design presents an organizing perspective for thinking about evolutionary leadership.

In this regard, Leading By Design presents both an operational framework and design methodology tuned to changing the essence of leadership and organization evolution. While the systems perspective informs the strategic framework of the book, the organizing perspective lays the foundation for the design of design driven leadership processes and executive-level evolutionary guidance systems.



About the Author
Raymond Newkirk is an entrepreneur, consulting specialist, speaker, educator, and award winning athlete. As the Founder & Chairman of the Systems Management Institute, he is an authority on strategic management and leadership design. A former monk, his personal philosophy is: “Live fully. Love deeply with wisdom. Lead others to great achievement. Grow spiritually and intellectually. Honor God in all I do.”



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