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BODY SYMBOLISM: The Fascinating Study of Mind-Body Communication, with Suggestions to Enhance Our Body's Healing Ability!!! by Richard Rybicki

BODY SYMBOLISM: The Fascinating Study of Mind-Body Communication, with Suggestions to Enhance Our Body's Healing Ability!!!

by Richard Rybicki

356 pages
BODY SYMBOLISM explains emotional motives for disease and injury.

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About the Book
BODY SYMBOLISM breaks new ground in understanding our mind-body connection. It does this by thoroughly explaining the principles of "metaphysical psychosomatics."

Huge strides have been made in promoting wellness in the past ten years. Pharmaceuticals, nutrition and exercise have advanced. Genetic and stem cell therapies hold much promise. The area of wellness still lacking attention, however, turns out to be the most important. That area is our emotion.

There is a new set of ideas emerging in the West. These ideas offer new explanations and understandings about the nature of Life. This new paradigm is scientific and revolutionary; it is the study of metaphysics. BODY SYMBOLISM explains the principles of metaphysics and uncovers previously unknown reasons why people get diseases and injuries.

As it turns out, every disease or injury condition is a symbol of an emotional event. Because our culture is so outside-focused, most of us are ignorant about our deeper beliefs and emotions. Yet, we did not come into this Lifetime to ignore our Selves or our growth. Many of us, therefore, use disease and injury as purposeful tools to signal that we need to look inward. Unfortunately, because of our mass belief in "randomness", we often do not inspect our emotions and therefore miss the message our disease or injury is presenting.

BODY SYMBOLISM can serve as a gentle guide to illuminate an unfamiliar path, the path of understanding our unconscious and subconscious motivations. Of course, no one wakes up in the morning and consciously chooses to break their leg. Yet, we do make such choices at the deeper levels. Why? Because there is an emotional message we cannot convey any other way and the inner-us hopes the outer-us will get the clue we are sending. Unfortunately, because of not understanding this mechanism, most people don't.

BODY SYMBOLISM helps us to finally understand the messages contained in our ill or injury conditions. With this new understanding, we can better face our emotional issues and accelerate our healing! Thus, we can waste less time, effort and money and experience much less pain, hassle and unhappiness.

BODY SYMBOLISM is informative, practical and inspirational. It is infused with ideas I have learned in over three decades of professional clinical experience. It can help people have better Lives. It can help people heal faster. It can help people love more. It can help you be more fully you and be happier. It can help us into a nicer future.

Richard Rybicki, MSW, LCSW



About the Author
Richard Rybicki, MSW has worked as a professional Social Worker/Psychotherapist since 1971. He has helped many people heal emotionally and some physically. Rybicki has had articles published and been invited to lecture to several groups and has taught seminars about mind-body healing. His favorite color is blue.



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