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How To Write A Cookbook And Sell It! by Mara Rogers

How To Write A Cookbook And Sell It!

by Mara Rogers

36 pages
Learn how to write cookbooks and get them published.

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About the Book
Mara Reid Rogers' Ebook How To Write A Cookbook And Sell It! will give you the need-know and know-how to write cookbooks and get them published!

This Ebook is for anyone who has ever wanted to write a cookbook.

Learn insider's tips of the trade through this Ebook from a professional who has had well over a decade of successful and profitable years in the cookbook and culinary industry.

Whether you want to learn a new trade that makes money, write the next award-winning coffee-table cookbook, create a national blockbuster, help brand your business name with a cookbook title, or compose a precious family keepsake gift--this Ebook will teach you how!

This Ebook will explain how to:

*Sell your cookbook to a mainstream publisher*

*Self-publish a cookbook*

*Create cookbooks for club fundraisers or non-profits*

*Produce a cookbook to sell at your business for a new profit-center*

*Compile a heritage cookbook for a family heirloom*

By reading this Ebook, and through completing the action steps within this Ebook, in addition to using the unique resources and special recommendations she offers you, you will not only start writing your cookbook, you will have completed the first draft of a cookbook proposal that once it's polished so it shines, can be sent to a Literary Agent and Publishers so you can try to sell it.

You will receive professional advice in each chapter on the many facets of writing and selling cookbooks.

Here are the topics of what you will learn:

Chapter #1: You CAN Have Your Cake And Eat It Too: Cookbooks--The Beginning

Chapter #2: Use Your Noodle: Publishers And Cookbook Categories

Chapter #3: Rolling In The Dough: All About Your Cookbook Proposal

Chapter #4: You Have To Break A Few Eggs To Make An Omelet: All About Recipes

Chapter #5: Your Bread And Butter: Selling Your Cookbook

Chapter #6: Now It's Time To Bring Home The Bacon!

Mara has written nine cookbooks, several of them main selections for national book clubs, and the year it was published The South: The Beautiful Cookbook which Mara co-authored, was lauded as "One Of The Year's Top Ten Cookbooks" according to Nation's Restaurant News. She was the co-host of a national cooking show series on public television, has been co-host and also host, of two different radio shows, has been the Food and Home-Entertaining Editor of a magazine, has landed a plethora of freelance writing assignments, and been a spokesperson on satellite media tours to endorse fabulous food products, and much more!

And all of this came from writing cookbooks!


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About the Author
Mara Reid Rogers has written nine cookbooks. The two most recently published: "Cooking In Cast Iron" (Penguin Putnam) and "The Best 50 Brownies and Blondies" (Bristol Publishing). She has both hosted and co-hosted two different radio shows and co-hosted a national public television cooking show series.



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