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Snap: the ultimate guide to digital photography for the consumer, version 1.4 by Mark Sincevich

Snap: the ultimate guide to digital photography for the consumer, version 1.4

by Mark Sincevich

228 pages
Snap: the ultimate guide to digital photography for the consumer

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Category: Art:Photography
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About the Book
Introducing an insightful and one-of-a-kind digital photography book. Snap is available as a downloadable e-Book. At 228 pages, it is packed full of information that you can use right away. Snap: the ultimate guide to digital photography for the consumer!

When you order Snap, you can realize the following benefits.
- Get Proven Results Immediately
- Save Hundreds and Even Thousands of Dollars
- Increase Your Confidence with Other Consumers & Enthusiasts
- Fine-tine Your Needs with a Unique Digital Photo Personality Test
- Get Timely Information Fast with Snapís e-Book Updates
- Avoid the 5 Biggest Mistakes When Ordering a Digital Camera
- Improve the Quality of Your Photographs Now
- Share & Reproduce Your Photos for Fun and Profit
- Integrate Your Photography Components into an Efficient Workflow

Get Proven Results Immediately Are you tired of purchasing digital cameras you don't like and equipment you don't need? Do you want to become more confident about your knowledge of the digital workflow process? Are you frustrated getting recommendations from people who don't take your best interests to heart? With so much confusing and conflicting information how can you make the best decisions? Snap was written to give you proven results.

Mark Sincevich, the Executive Director of the Digital Photography Institute, developed Snap from presenting his speaking programs on digital photography to consumers and photography enthusiasts for over four years. Snap was further influenced from his numerous photography assignments and by his 13 years in the computer field where he presented and made technical subjects easy to understand. Snap is easy to use and best of all you can take action right away saving you valuable time and money.

Save Hundreds and Even Thousands of Dollars. Do you want to save hundreds of dollars and more with the tips and techniques in this book? Sprinkled throughout Snap's 8 easy-to-follow Steps are green information boxes letting you know exactly what specific actions you need to take in order to save money! Depending upon which actions you take, you can save $300, $700 or even thousands of dollars over the life of your camera, accessories and other items in your digital workflow. This advice ranges from where to purchase your camera, specific 'must have' accessories like the best batteries, to ordering the best software for less than list price. Using the battery recommendations alone could save you thousands of dollars! And using the printer that best suits your needs combined with ordering photographs from the highest quality service bureau will save you more money too.

Plus, Mark regularly studies with many other professionals to enhance his skills each year. These courses run in the thousands of dollars and their 'essence' has been distilled and brought to you in Snap. You can repeat each Section at any time and print out any combination of pages. There are notes, hard-to-find web addresses, resources, and much much more!



About the Author
Mark Sincevich is the Executive Director of the Digital Photography Institute. He regularly speaks about photography and related subjects and is a member of the National Speakers Association. Mark is also frequently quoted in the media by such organizations as the Associated Press (AP), MSNBC and Spirit Magazine.



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