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I Send You Roses: Messages of Light to Your Soul by Arlene J. Colver, ND

I Send You Roses: Messages of Light to Your Soul

by Arlene J. Colver, ND

54 pages
A collection of inspired letters to the reader's soul with corresponding prayers and affirmations of encouragement, provides moments of calm and comfort.

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Category: Self Help
About the Book
This book is a compilation of Letters from Consciousness, inspired messages written directly to the heart and soul of the reader. With each letter there is also included a suggested blessing, offering prayer and affirmation. The blessing is meant to be thought, recited or even sung in response to the little miracles that each of us experiences every day. Although this work could be read as a single, continuous, ever-growing message, some topics of interest may be selected using the table of contents.

This is the first volume of letters compiled for publication and will be followed by future E-Books. We know that you will enjoy these letters and that they will inspire you to new understanding of yourself and the Creator who has designed the beautiful you.



About the Author
Arlene Colver is the author of two other books channeled to her by the Master Sinat Schirah: Accounts, Designs & Roses and Placements. She also writes for periodicals and produces Letters from Consciousness, a weekly contribution to the Internet experience that offers thoughts on spiritual living. Arlene is a teacher and counselor with a personal grasp of what it takes to reach happiness and health.



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