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DRIFT by Steven Paul Mark


by Steven Paul Mark

376 pages
An ex-Marine battles evil oil company to stop worldwide disaster

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Category: Fiction:Techno-Thrillers
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About the Book
In New York City, itís October but it feels more like an August heat wave and ex-Marine Max LaFollette needs a job. During an interview at Imperium Solutions, a powerful, enigmatic oil company, he inadvertently discloses information that provokes a chain reaction. When itís over, Imperiumís thugs have ransacked his home, his wife is dead and the NYPD suspects him. Itís the best day Max is going to have for a long time.

Forced to flee for his life, Max escapes into the tunnels under Manhattan where heís taken in by a homeless community. Their charismatic leader holds the secret to Maxís plight and Imperiumís hegemonic agenda.

In a California earthquake lab, Dr. Rebecca Hausman investigates unusual seismic activity in the Pacific and tries to account for the increasing worldwide weather anomalies and natural disasters. She discovers peculiar but regular wave patterns deep in the Earth that suggest an alteration of continental drift.

Catastrophic earthquakes, killer tsunamis, record hurricanes, scorching heat waves and melting polar ice caps make it clear to Max and his allies that Imperiumís reckless drilling is changing the planetís balance but the US Government isnít listening. Imperiumís evil plan is so fantastic and well disguised and their influence is so widespread that no one in authority will act.

With the geologic clock ticking toward global catastrophe, Max becomes the unwitting obstacle to Imperiumís success...if he's not too late.


Steven Paul Mark is a newcomer to the literary scene, although you would not guess that by reading his debut novel Drift. Drift has all of the elements that guarantee a great techno-thriller, villainous villains, heroic and mostly unlikely heroes, and of course the ever slow moving establishment that always seems to be three moves behind the action.
- Simon Garrett, Blogger News Network
This wild ride of a thriller is fraught with intense possibilities, consequences, and excitement. Full of drama of all kinds, from the police and FBI side of things to terrorism, and from psychological intrigue to human relations and romance, itís all in here. The result is a book that transcends the gender gap of reading materials and the genre gap of novels. The writing is excellent, with a tight plot and perfect flow. The characters are well conceived, creating people in the mind whom we hope are truly out there to protect our world, and also detailing the villains who unfortunately have a basis in reality. An excellent read!
- Heather Froeschl,
The story is very fast paced and full of intrigue and drama from the beginning to the end. It is very hard to put down once you start it. It is very disturbing to read this after all the crazy weather, earthquakes, hurricanes and tsunami that we have seen over the last few years. I highly encourage people that enjoy detail oriented thrillers to read this book. I also think that Drift has the makings for what would make a great movie.
- Cherie Fisher, Reader Views
A taut, suspenseful read, highly recommended.
- Carson's Bookshelf, Reviewer's Bookwatch/Midwest Book Review



About the Author
Steven Paul Mark graduated from New Rochelle High School, Colgate University and Brooklyn Law School. With that schooling he thought he could write. Three kids, two parrots and a cat agreed it was a good idea. With keen interest in natural history and suspicious of big oil, Drift resulted.



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