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Seven Trumpets  Book One: Descent into Despair by Clinton A. Veach

Seven Trumpets Book One: Descent into Despair

by Clinton A. Veach

381 pages
Fast-paced, brutally honest Apocalyptic fiction you can't afford to miss!

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Category: Fiction:Spiritual
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About the Book

Seven Trumpets is extremely graphic in its description of the events of the last days as recorded in the Book of Revelation, and projects those events into the present day.

Seven Trumpets is NOT recommended for young children, due to the graphic nature of the content. It may be unsettling for some adults, as well. However, it is not the Author's intention to offend any person, religion, or group. Yet the Gospel itself IS offensive, for the Bible declares the Gospel as "a stone of stumbling, and a rock of offence" (I Peter 2:8).

About the Book

The first book of the Seven Trumpets series opens approximately forty days before the rapture of Christians off the earth. Dennis Bartlett, a jaded Homeland Security analyst living in Charleston, South Carolina, discovers a terrible truth when he becomes involved in a downtown murder. A young member of the El Salvadoran gang, MS 13, is found dead in an alleyway on the docks. Bartlett follows the trail to the ominous conclusion that Iran's mysterious "hidden twelfth Imman" is behind a nefarious plot to smuggle a nuclear device into the port city!

He saves the day in Charleston, and becomes a national hero...for three days. That's when all hell breaks loose as Bartlett realizes he has only accelerated the plans of the terrorists, and soon, to his dismay, a dozen nuclear detonations are initiated throughout the U.S. At the same time, the earth's weather systems inexplicably erupt into a series of devastating disasters across the globe. Cyclones and hurricanes, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions...all at the same time?

Many fear it is the end of the world, and chaos ensues. Unknown to Bartlett and the rest of the world is the true nature of the disturbances. Even though in human terms the terrorists and terrorist nations are to blame, they're only the puppets in a much more sinister plot. At its center is God's most ancient enemy...Lucifer, the Archangel who had once been known as "the annointed cherub". Banished for his sin of pride, and vowing to be "like the Most High", he promises to establish his throne above God's throne, and to subjugate God's creation under his authority. And now he has come to claim that throne!

The story moves eerily between the world of humans into the Nether Realm, the unseen world of angels, demons, and unspeakable creatures who prey upon mankind. God's angels are seriously hindered now because of the removal of the Holy Spirit from the earth. Demons enjoy the upper hand as they commit themselves wholeheartedly to a campaign of destruction, possession, and unthinkable evils as the world descends truly into despair, spiritually naked against the worst nightmare imaginable.

Follow Dennis and other underground believers as they struggle to stay one step ahead of hell's demonic juggernaut! This is a story you don't want to miss. Your very life may depend upon reading it!



About the Author
This multi-talented author and artist has also written many award-winning one-act plays and dramatic monologues, has produced and directed dinner theatres, and coached young writers and actors to high school state forensic championships. Clinton has performed as an escape artist/magician, and travels as an evangelist and street preacher today.



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