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Mysticism and Modern Life: Ancient Wisdom for Personal Growth by Larry Laveman

Mysticism and Modern Life: Ancient Wisdom for Personal Growth

by Larry Laveman

168 pages
How to define and use ancient principles for personal growth.

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Category: Self Help:Relationships
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About the Book
Have you ever looked deep into the night sky and wondered if there was a connection between your ordinary life and the extraordinary depth of the universe. The ancient mystics did. In his new book, Mysticism and Modern Life: Ancient Wisdom for Personal Growth, Larry Laveman explores the relationship between ancient wisdom and everyday life. By integrating the principles of mysticism with sociological, psychological, and philosophical perspectives the author creates a unified and comprehensive way of looking at personality development.

Rather than viewing events as occurring in a random or disconnected way, Mysticism and Modern Life explains how all events are part of a larger web of connection. The consistency of this framework brings the reader into various levels of human functioning by examining how our normal lives contain transformations of ancient mystical concepts. By establishing the correspondence between mystical principles and human development the reader comes to see the connection between ordinary actions and extraordinary results. Laveman believes that when we begin to see the extraordinary in the ordinary, the enormous depth in simplicity, and how the entire universe manifests itself in even the smallest act of intention we will be drawn into a deeper reverence for life and begin to see how small personal expressions carry enormous implications.

The reader will finish this book knowing how to see everyday life in mystical terms, and mystical life in everyday terms. Through the development of an integrative conceptual framework, along with specific exercises to identify restrictive patterns and guidance to overcome them, the reader will be able to see how everyday life is part of a larger organizing scheme, and in the end will have specific tools to achieve higher levels of functioning within this greater context.



About the Author
Larry Laveman Larry Laveman is a licensed psychotherapist and the Chief Clinical Director for Harmonium, Inc., a social service agency in San Diego. He is in private practice in Solana Beach, California and is the author of four innovative models of therapy focusing on the integration of psychology within larger belief systems.



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