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Merigan: A Novel by Mark Malvasi

Merigan: A Novel

by Mark Malvasi

328 pages
Poignant tale of a community in spiritual disarray and collapse.

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Category: Fiction
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About the Book
Comic and sad, poignant and absurd, distrubing and elegiaic, Merigan is the unsentimental but compassionate tale of a people and a world in spiritual disarray and moral collapse. Set in the small Ohio mill town of Liberty Falls between 1960 and 1976, Merigan tells the story of Italian immigrants lured to America by the oldest of temptations and the rarest of opportunities: the chance to escape the past and themselves and to begin life anew.

Torn between the convictions of his grandfather and his father that America is the land of freedom and promise and his grandmother's insistence that America is haunted and cursed, young Anthony Malfiore struggles to find meaning and purpose amid the wreckage of lives "mangled and cancerous." As the bard and historian of his people, he emerges from his shattering emotional ordeal with a mournful remembrance of things past and a chastened hope in the possibility of love and rebirth.


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About the Author
The author or editor of numerous books and essays, Mark Malvasi teaches history at Randolph-Macon College. Born and raised in Ohio, he now lives in Virginia with his wife and a houseful of pets. Merigan is his first novel.



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