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INVESTING FROM WITHIN: A Story of Understanding by Ken Mahoney

INVESTING FROM WITHIN: A Story of Understanding

by Ken Mahoney

108 pages
By understanding your investment personality, you will get better results.

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About the Book
As humans, we are wired to care. And when it comes to our money, we are especially wired to obsess, some of us more than others. While itís definitely a wise idea to pay attention and to keep up on our investment, it should not be the basis for your entire existence. Making it so can lead to stress, ulcers, and heart attacks. This book focuses on things you can do in order to not worry about your investments emotionally, but follow your investments unattatched.

From the time that we are in elementary school, we are conditioned to associate numbers with logic. Psychologists and biologist speak about the two sides of the brain, the left side having to do with math and logic, and the right side housing creativity and emotion. Many believe that these two sides are exclusive of each other. However, when we think about money, we are overcome with emotion. For example, how would you react if you won $100 million in a lottery? Your smile would probably not leave your face until the morning after your celebration. The stock market has the same effect on how we think, and our emotions have an even larger impact on the stock market. We need both right and left brain functions to be a successful investor. This book will show you how!

Many of us have been conditioned to be self-defeating. Many of our parents embedded the idea into our minds that money does not grow on trees. While this is true, do we need to live our lives by that mantra and let it keep us from doing the things we want to do? This book introduces us to Danielle, whose self-defeating attitude is rampant throughout her personal life, and carries over to her investing behaviors. Does she sound like you? Perhaps a little bit? The good news is that a little advice from Ken can help to change her (and maybe your) perspective.



About the Author
Ken Mahoney is the President of Mahoney Asset Management in New York.

Ken has hosted both Radio and Televsion Financial Programs for many years. His opinions are frequently quoted in newspapers.

Mr. Mahoney has published The Smart Investor Newsletter for more than 15 years.



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