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Olsegon: Wolfwood Forest & Massacre Island by Bill Boudreau

Olsegon: Wolfwood Forest & Massacre Island

by Bill Boudreau

232 pages
Olsegon, a two-mystery novel: Wolfwood Forest and Massacre Island

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Category: Fiction:Mystery
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About the Book
Wolfwood Forest:
In Olsegon, on a July afternoon, 1950, Amber Greenís fourteen-month-old boy, Rusty, disappears from his playpen in the yard. A search progresses through mysterious Wolfwood Forest, adjacent to Amberís house. Mark Snipe, sheriff, finds skimpy evidence.

While citizens and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police comb Wolfwood Forest all the way to the cemetery and marsh, Mark and Amberís interaction rekindles memories of their relationship, her failed affairs, and shaky marriage. Pregnant with her older boy, Vincent, fathered by Mark, the nuns eject Amber from school. Drafted, Mark does not know that she carries his child. He experiences WWII on Dieppe beach, German prison, solitary confinement, and the death march.

On the second day, Mark connects clues. He guides the parents beyond Wolfwood Forest to an islet where they discover the kidnapper. Amber rescues Rusty, unharmed.

Massacre Island:
A year later, the rape and murder of teenager Lisa Surette on Fishermenís Island stirs Olsegon. Townsmen and Lisaís parents blame the mystery man who lives on Massacre Island, near Fishermenís Island. Sheriff, Mark Snipe, not convinced and pressured, agrees to seek out the hermit.

War recollections still haunt Mark.

Reported by fishermen, the mystery man disappears on sight. No one knows where he came from.

Amber, divorced, she and Mark are lovers.

On Massacre Island, the sheriff leads four men up a cliff, in a forest, to an embedded marsh, sea cove, into caves where the team discovers skeletons, hieroglyphics, artifacts, who the mystery man is, and who murdered Lisa.



About the Author
Bill Boudreau, a French Acadian, grew up in a fishing village on the southwest coast of Nova Scotia. He's a graduate in Applied Science from the Montreal Technical Institute and has an MBA from Oklahoma City University. He's retired from a long career in computer systems engineering and management.



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