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Comedy Career Management by Barry Neal

Comedy Career Management

by Barry Neal

342 pages
Starting up & managing a stand-up comedy career

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About the Book
There are only two ways that a new comedian can get this inside information about the serious business of comedy: one of them is to work for several years and learn it the hard way, by losing jobs and money. The other way is to read this book, containing more than 100 sections on Comedy Career Management advice, from Starting Your Career, to Booking Rooms & Getting Paid.

Barry Neal has been a professional stand-up comedian for over 17 years, and in addition to doing the booking for numerous comedy clubs, coffee houses and universities, he maintains a rigorous schedule of headline appearances at comedy clubs and corporate events around the country and also conducts a comedy workshop that includes 5 weeks of class and culminates in a live performance at a top comedy club in Los Angeles.

Over the years, Barry has coached hundreds of local comics, actors and writers, many of whom have become headliners and appeared on numerous cable and television shows including those hosted by Jay Leno, David Letterman, and Conan O'Brien.

This comprehensive book on how to get started in the comedy business and manage your career is divided into 5 main sections, each containing up to 22 chapters of useful information. Here are the sections, and a few chapters from each:

Section 1 - Introduction to Stand-up Comedy: The 3 Elements of Stand-up; Know Your Victim; Your Stage Persona; Focus and Hard Work; Always be Prepared

Section 2 – Finding Your Voice: Style, Delivery & Physicality; Limiting Styles; The Press Package; What to Wear; What Makes You Funny?

Section 3 – Analyzing the Audience: The Joke Bombed; Handling Hecklers; Waiting for Applause; Crowd Control; Call-backs; No Mingling; Grab Attention & Pull Focus

Section 4 – Performance & Surroundings: Going Blank; Dying on Stage; Handling the Microphone; The Stage; The Lighting; Club Layout; Troublemakers; Good Timing

Section 5 – Booking Rooms & Showcasing: Finding a Room; Unsolicited Material; Negotiating a Fee; Showcasing with People; The Emcee; Recommendations

Jerry Seinfeld once complained that there was no book out there that gave starting comedians the real backstage details about what being a comedian is really all about. Barry Neal’s book answers that complaint by spelling it all out: comedy is a serious business.



About the Author
Barry Neal Formerly a semi-professional hockey player, Barry Neal has been a professional comedian for more than 17 years. He has been featured at all the major U.S. comedy clubs, in Las Vegas, and on the Tonight Show. He now coaches and books comedians for club dates, concerts, and corporate events.



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