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Make Money as a Food Writer in Six Lessons by Pamela White

Make Money as a Food Writer in Six Lessons

by Pamela White

154 pages
Step-by-step instructions to break into the expanding food writing niche.

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About the Book
Tired of your job? Love to write? Is food your passion?

If your job is interfering with your search for the perfect meal it's time to start your career in food writing.

Suddenly everyone is reading those luscious glossy food magazines. New magazines splash into the market weekly. Cookbooks are for more than cooking...and they are HOT. Ever wonder if you could make a life for yourself writing about what you love?

The market for food writers is growing faster than food lovers and writers can fill. This is THE time to jump in and grab your share of the food writing market.

Overwhelmed? No problem. This ebook walks readers through the process - from learning the different styles of food writing, to finding the perfect market for you, to networking with editors and pitching articles and books to the RIGHT publishers. The 150-page e-book is made up of six in-depth lessons plus 12 thought-provoking assignments plus bonus chapters on essential topics to writers PLUS 50 Markets that want your food writing.

Your byline could just as easily make it into Gastronomica, Eating Well, Better Homes and Gardens, and Saveur. Start your self-study today and be published tomorrow!

This ebook is over 150 pages of step-by-step instructions to your dream writing career, insider information on how to break into all areas of food writing, bonus chapters on the writing life, copyrights and selling rights, time management, and top info from food writing conferences, plus fifty markets for food writers.

Topics covered include finding food writing jobs and assignments, writing recipes and cookbooks, crafting query letters, reviewing restaurants, writing articles and pitching columns, generating ideas, finding an agent for your cookbook, and breaking into food writing. How-to instructions provide a road map to success.

"Writers imagine themselves as travel writers, children's writers, humor writers, and so on. But a food writer? I'd never pondered this one - didn't need the calories. Make Money as a Food Writer in Six Lessons is simple, precise, clear cut and remarkably organized enticing any writer to consider the food arena. I caught myself looking forward to the Bright Ideas! notes in each chapter. The common sense advice in Pamela White's comments gives the reader smart homework to aid the learning process. If you've considered food writing before, get this book. If you haven't, give it a read. You might be as surprised as I was at how writing about tasty morsels can enable a writing career." - C. Hope Clark, Editor of and The Shy Writer: An Introvert's Guide to Writing Success.



About the Author
Pamela White publishes the ezines Food Writing and The Writing Parent, and teaches food writing online. Her articles on writing have been published in Writer's Digest, ByLine Magazine, Writers Weekly, and Absolute Write. Other work has been published in Home Cooking, Low-Carb Energy, newspapers and regional magazines.



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