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Essays on Martin Luther's Theology of Music by Mark Sooy

Essays on Martin Luther's Theology of Music

by Mark Sooy

112 pages
Essays on Martin Luther's Theology of Music

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About the Book
Essays on Martin Luther's Theology of Music explores the interesting and intriguing world of Luther's thought about music and its place in the life of the church. From its biblical foundation beginning with the creation story to its comfort and joy in the life of the Christian, Luther recognizes music as a true gift from the hand of God.

In 1530 Luther wrote: "I am not ashamed to confess publicly that next to theology there is no art which is the equal of music, for she alone, after theology, can do what otherwise only theology can accomplish, namely, quiet and cheer up the soul of man, which is clear evidence that the devil, the originator of depressing worries and troubled thoughts, flees from the voice of music just as he flees from the words of theology. For this very reason the prophets cultivated no art so much as music in that they attached their theology not to geometry, nor to arithmetic, nor to astronomy, but to music, speaking the truth through psalms and hymns."

Given Lutherís familiarity with the technical aspects of music, as well as his apparent abilities and gifts in performing and composing, there is little doubt that he saw the entire redemptive story (creation, fall and redemption) inherent within this great gift of God. He noted the reflection of creation in the order and structure of the music itself. He may have also recognized a representation of the fall in the dissonant aspects of music, which add tension and disharmony to it and cry for resolution (i.e., redemption?). Undoubtedly, Lutherís heart and soul responded exuberantly to the redemptive aspect of music as it resolved tension and became a thing of beauty Ė lifting the heart and soul toward heaven Ė as does the redemptive work of Christ. The story of creation, fall and redemption, as broad categories of theology, also find their place in Godís beautiful gift of music.


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About the Author
Mark Sooy is an accomplished pastor, teacher, theologian, worship leader, and musician. Mark holds a Bachelor of Theology degree in Pastoral Studies from Grace Bible College, and a Master of Arts in Historical Theology from Grand Rapids Theological Seminary. His other work includes: The Life of Worship: Rethink, Reform, Renew.



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