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How To Raise The Dead by Lisa Tyler

How To Raise The Dead

by Lisa Tyler

60 pages
27 Spine Tingling How-To Ideas For The TRUE Entrepreneur

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Category: How To
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About the Book
Itís finally here! The sequel to How To Have Great Sex While Cleaning Your House, and itís even bigger with more REAL ways to make more than a living!

*How a string bikini can bring in $2000 every weekend if it doesnít get wet
*Body parts you can sell in a pinch
*How you can make hats for men that will sell off the shelves
*Thirteen hot home businesses you can start with little money
*Winning the lottery as a professional tattle tale
*Wacky American ways to make a living
*Make your fortune by turning people into hams
*Write for the tabloids; make money with your imagination
*How to start a church and take donations
*Be your own home inspector, hereís what to look for
*Is there a car salesmanís secret bible?
*What your house will tell on you
*What the government is looking for on your computer and other dangers in your house
*Alternative energy for the ordinary house
*Make your own wine and beer with these recipes
*How to cure cancer by every means except modern medicine
*Lose 5 lbs a week while stuffing yourself (and enjoying your body)
*Momís rainy day emergency kit Ė enough for the kids to do to last through a hurricane
*How to live like a millionaire on a bumís salary
*Ten common ways family and friends use you, and how to outsmart them
*How to make up your own mad libs for parties and get-togethers
*Sex, the new alphabet game
*10 best and worst places for making love
*How to raise the dead (the sexually dead that is)
*How to start your own mile high club, on the ground
*How to teach an ďadults onlyĒ better sex class
*Managing the discreet affair, simple guidelines for survival




About the Author
Lisa Tyler Lisa Tyler is an artist and writer living in Georgia with her family. Her bold ideas to save and make money, have better relationships and get more out of life, are laced with a touch of humor and the experiences of life.



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