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Thick Luck - The Search for America's POWs & MIAs by David Combs

Thick Luck - The Search for America's POWs & MIAs

by David Combs

296 pages
The search for POWs and MIAs in Laos and Cambodia.

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Category: Military
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About the Book
Thick Luck is the riveting account of an Army Ranger's odyssey to lead a team of investigative experts on a quest to bring home America’s POWs and MIAs still missing from the secret war in Laos and Cambodia. This telling details the intensive training and sacrifice required to serve in the mostly unknown and unseen world of POW and MIA recovery operations. Thick Luck provides an insider’s view of the noblest American initiative … to account for America’s lost warriors.

The local villagers called them “bone hunters”; the strange men who would arrive without warning in a helicopter. Then trek into the jungle in search of the dead. In reality this was an elite military team pursuing any shred of evidence to find POWs and MIAs. This team overcame considerable political obstacles and the primitive, dangerous, and unforgiving conditions of remote Asian jungles. On forgotten battlefields they searched for their missing brothers-in-arms … they brought them home.



About the Author
Major (Ret) David Combs is a retired Army Ranger who participated in the Invasion of Panama and operations in Haiti and Afghanistan. As the Investigation Team Leader for for Joint Task Force Full Accounting he led fourteen expeditions into the jungles of Laos and Cambodia in search of America’s POWs and MIAs.



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