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Free Cash Flow: A Two-Hour Primer for Management and the Board by George C Christy

Free Cash Flow: A Two-Hour Primer for Management and the Board

by George C Christy

144 pages
Increase your company's valuation by managing to Free Cash Flow.

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About the Book
Who should read this book?

Free Cash Flow is written for managers and board members, including those who do not have MBA’s and those who may have received their MBA’s long ago. Because the author has worked over the years with hundreds of CEO’s and CFO’s of public and private companies, he knows how to explain Free Cash Flow in language that is both concise and clear to the average executive and board member.

Why should I read this book?

After investing several hours in Free Cash Flow, you will learn (a) why Free Cash Flow is superior to GAAP earnings per share as the primary financial metric for your company; (b) why managing your company’s primary business drivers is superior to managing internal budget variances and (c) why bringing together heretofore disconnected data into one integrated management report format enables
management and the board to fast-focus on opportunities and issues.

How is this book different from other books?

This is a how-to-book, not a finance textbook. Many of the books that cover the same ground are between 300 and 1000 pages single-spaced. They may contain complex mathematical equations. Only simple arithmetic is used in Free Cash Flow. Few if any books include actual examples of internal management reports that incorporate Free Cash Flow’s multi-disciplinary approach to management. These six reports provide a starting point for any company to develop a Free Cash Flow report package tailored to the company’s needs.

What does this book not provide?

Free Cash Flow has no information and offers no assistance as to how your company would produce the reports presented in the book. Each company is entirely on its own in this regard.

When can I find the time to read this book?

Free Cash Flow can be read from beginning to end in the time it takes to complete a typical plane trip. It is double-spaced for easier reading under aircraft lighting conditions.



About the Author
George C. Christy has over 30 years of financial experience as a corporate banker and public company Treasurer. He has a BA from Princeton University, an MBA from University of Chicago and holds the Chartered Financial Analyst designation. He is Principal of Oakdale Advisors in Pasadena, CA.



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