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The Dangers of Creatinine by Jeff Golini

The Dangers of Creatinine

by Jeff Golini

126 pages
creatinine is a very dangerous biowaste fomed by spent creatine.

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Category: Health
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About the Book
In today’s attempt to be a healthy society, we continue to destroy our bodies with toxins that we do not have knowledge about.

The purpose of writing this book is to educate on The Dangers of Creatinine.

Creatinine is a very dangerous bio-waste material produced by spent creatine. But, you can also ingest creatinine.

This can occur by how you cook your meats or from commercially available creatine products.

While creatine can be thought of as essential ‘bio-fuel’, creatinine – irrespective of its origin must be considered ‘bio-waste’. While no one in the scientific arena questions the safety of normal physiological-level creatine, the occasional controversy arises when the physiological creatine level is artificially maintained at super-physiological levels. In such instances, the amount of this spent fuel generated can increase significantly, along with its potential to cause physiological burden and unknown negative impact over time. It is this latent potential, suggested in some of the animal studies, as well as occasional antidotal human reports, that has caused the sounding of a cautionary note with regard to the perpetual, chronic use of large gram quantities of creatine monohydrate.

This book will also address where creatinine comes from and how to avoid it along with what are the causes of creatinine on the body.



About the Author
Jeff Golini Athlete, scientist, and entrepreneur, Jeff Golini founded the All American Pharmaceutical & Natural Foods Corporation in 1984. Considered the “founding father” of Near InfraRed (NIR) analysis in the nutraceutical world, Jeff also serves as the Executive Research Scientist for a cutting-edge food and chemical analysis laboratory. Among Jeff’s achievements are, the discovery of the nitric oxide amplifying agent AAKG (arginine alpha-ketoglutarate), and the development of Kre-Alkalyn®  the worlds first 100% stable creatine. All American Pharmaceutical is a leading manufacturer of sports nutrition products and dietary supplements. Jeff is regularly asked to consult within the pharmaceutical industry. He residing in the beautiful state of Montana with his wife Kim, and their three children.



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