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Enlightenment in Our Time - Second Edition by Lonny J. Brown

Enlightenment in Our Time - Second Edition

by Lonny J. Brown

208 pages
An unconventional, 21st Century take on the Perennial Wisdom. A psycho-spiritual poety odyssey.. eclectic spirituality for new world citizens. Fresh ideas and practical tools for modern mystics.

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Category: Spirituality And Psychology
About the Book
This is a refreshing new look at the timeless topic of Enlightenment, the ultimate goal of all spiritual paths. It resulted from twenty-five years of meetings with teachers from a wide variety of wisdom traditions, including Sufi, Hindu, Buddhist, and New Age.

The book is nonsectarian and contemporary in tone... a psycho-spiritual poetic odyssey for 21st-Century pilgrims. The tone is eclectic and adventurous, It is not only about enlightenment, it is meant to be enlightening. Instead of chapters, it has short sections, framed by provocative quotes from a wide variety of inspired voices, both known and obscure.

"After reading inspirational, metaphysical, and spiritual books more or less continuously for thirty years," says author, Lonny Brown, "I decided to write one that is different, yet feels inevitable and timeless. I wrote about what fascinates me the most for fellow seekers who don't want canned answers and worn-out platitudes.

This book defines enlightenment by offering many interpretations and examples. It inspires the reader, then provides suggestions for meditation, living, loving, and dying.


Really Wonderful.
- Jordon S. Gruber, Enlightenment
Penetrating, fresh.. valuable.
- Lisa Love, SoultoSpirit
This book opens your eyes and touches your soul!
- Metaphysical Reviews
Enlightenment is a vital subject, and your book has the mark of one who knows whereof he speaks. You also have a wonderfully clear writing style, which makes for a truly enjoyable read. Well done!
- Jim Dreaver, The Way of Harmony
Lonny has written a simple book of living wisdom. In the short chapters awaiting you, he presents enlightenment in many of its aspects and applications, and he does so in a practical way.
If enlightenment is a kingly banquet, Lonny doesn't want you to stand outside looking at it through a window; he wants you to come inside and taste the glorious feast. So he offers advice - short, simple, practices and ideas - to make the theory real for you personally. He invites you to partake and be spiritually nourished.
- John White, Editor, What Is Enlightenment
I love it. Simple spiritual truths put so succinctly.
- Meria Heller, The Meria Heller Show



About the Author
Lonny Brown is the author of "Self-Actuated Healing - The Alternative to Doctors & Drugs is Within You" (Naturegraph Publ.). For 25 years he studied with many spiritual teachers, traveled, and wrote about human development. He teaches Mind/Body Healing, Stress Management, Yoga and Meditation at hospitals, schools, and businesses throughout the US.



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