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Maui Days by Wayne Shakey Boteilho

Maui Days

by Wayne Shakey Boteilho

220 pages
Maui Days: A lonely woman's love story on breathtaking Maui.

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Category: Fiction:Romance
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About the Book
Maui Days is a love story between a lonely woman and a powerful politician on breathtaking Maui.

Against the backdrop of a mayoral election, Maui Days provides intimate details of Maui's culture and physical beauty. Maui Days explores the very roots of human existence and concludes with a surprise ending.

The main characters are Salli McIntire, a new arrival to Maui; Wayne Nishita, a former county councilmember who is running for mayor on the platform of slow growth; Alexander M. Marcial, a powerful corporate mayor running for re-election; and Sela Tadaki, a rising star on the Maui political scene.

Throughout the book Salli writes her most intimate thoughts in a small diary which she names MAUI DAYS.

Salli McIntire grows up in an orphanage dreaming of one day living on Maui. She finally arrives in the early summer and begins to make a life for herself in her new home. Like girls of her age, Salli hopes to meets a nice young man one day. Perhaps even a Maui local-boy. But Salli is poor, and her life on Maui is a struggle.

Wayne and Salli innocently become chess partners and then begin to date. This is a boon to Salli since local-boy Wayne reveals to her all the hidden secrets of Maui’s culture, and he takes her to places she would have never otherwise seen.

On Mount Haleakala, “The House of the Sun,” Salli learns about the demi-god Maui-tinihanga who in ancient lore snared the sun and made it go slower. Salli ponders the symbolism of snaring the sun and Wayne’s crusade to snare Maui’s growth.

The book also describes the Maui towns of Wailuku, Hana, Lahaina, Kihei, Makena, Kahakuloa, and more.

Maui Days is a compelling story. The ending, followed by an epilogue, is a complete surprise to the reader.

Maui Days reads like “Burning sugarcane at the base of the West Maui Mountains. The scene is grand. The fires burn slowly at first. Then suddenly the cane bursts into intense colors of orange and red. Giant fingers of heat rush upward giving momentum to an ocean of gray smoke that floated off to join their white brothers in the sky.”

"It will be as if the crust of the earth has cracked and Hell itself was escaping."


An easy and excellent read - great inside look at Maui's culture(s) and political realities. This while dealing with a huge issue for Maui: Growth. Which, if not throttled will choke the Island and further erode its way of way of life. Honolulu is already coming to Maui.
- Wil Orr



About the Author
Wayne Shakey Boteilho Wayne "Shakey" Boteilho is a lifelong resident of Maui, Hawaii. He has had numerous publications in Hawaii media, including one book (2002 Fanfare Publishing). He currently serves as the deputy planning director for the County of Maui. In his free time, "Shakey" pursues his interests in writing, acting and music.



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