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Black Women Need Love, Too!  Exposing the Conspiracy to Keep Black Women Without Love! by Pearl Jr.

Black Women Need Love, Too! Exposing the Conspiracy to Keep Black Women Without Love!

by Pearl Jr.

180 pages
A how to book that delivers RESULTS--it's about WHAT TO DO instead of WHAT NOT TO PUT UP WITH!

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Category: Self Help:Relationships
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About the Book
Black Women Need Love, Too! is the clean version to How To Tame A Dawg.

In this book, the following questions will be answered, so you, too, can have the love every woman deserves!

Are men really and truly dawgs?

In every form of the media, are males taught NOT to love Black women, and that they DON'T need to be honored, cherished, Protected, and provided for?

Is it coincidental that Black women are MOST likely to live life without a lifetime husband?

Furthermore, do Black women have control over their futures, or are they going to continue with the status quo of singleness for generations to come?

Black Women Need Love, too! is a how to book that delivers RESULTS because it's based on historic occurrences and real life experiences. It's about WHAT TO DO instead of focusing on WHAT NOT TO PUT UP WITH! Also, this manual details the rules, strategies, techniques, and tough love methods that will get you the attention you deserve and the confidence to implement your intended purpose of having the man you want dedicated only to you!

Author, Pearl Jr. was once a single career woman who found herself involved with dawg after dawg, and decided no more of this BS. She went on a mission to find out what she didn't know about men and herself. The answers she discovered are shared on these pages, so more Black women could also have a permanent partner in their lives.



About the Author
Pearl Jr.'s books include a chronology of race development and the historic creation of racism based on indigenous habitats, called "The Climate: A Perspective Unvisited" a local best seller. "How To Tame A Dawg" was the book that lead to the manual Black Women Need Love, too!. Also, Pearl Jr. and her partner, Cecil Holmes produced the 90-minute docu-ality DVD, "Behind The Scenes at the Michael Jackson Trial". Their company, Elbow Grease Productions was the only Black-owned media credentialed to cover the Michael
Jackson Trial.

She is a regular radio commentator on KABC talk radio in Los Angeles and owns several online TV shows:

Pearl said, "I had to calm down, get a hold on my feelings and learn to think with my mind, instead of allowing my emotions to dictate my behavior".

Her life's pursuit is to spread awareness by utilizing all forms of the media to deliver messages that will enhance the lives of African descendants.



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