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Owner Builder's Manual: How to Save  40 to 60% of the Cost of a New Home by Charles Breul

Owner Builder's Manual: How to Save 40 to 60% of the Cost of a New Home

by Charles Breul

164 pages
You Can Still Afford a New Home. Build it Yourself!

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About the Book
The Owner Builder's Manual and its author, with over 50 years experience in the construction industry, will show you how and why thousands of owner builders build their own homes every year while saving 40 to 60% of the cost of buying a new home.

A Master Builder, licensed General Building Contractor and licensed General Engineering Contractor shows you how you can be your own builder, and shows you how you can still afford to own a new home by building it yourself while saving more than you ever imagined.

He will show you what other builders and developers do not want you to know. What the actual cost of construction is. How much is actual cost of construction, how much is profit and how much is overhead?

He will lead you through every phase of construction as you build your own home. First, by helping you decide if building your own home is right for you, and then how to secure plans, engineering, construction financing and permits.

Then, in easy to understand language, he will guide you every step of the way through the actual construction of your new home, how to supervise construction, what to look for, what to be aware of, when to call for inspections and how to record your notice of completion.

Moreover, he will not abandon you the minute you purchase this book. He will be on-line by his computer to answer questions and advise you through the construction of your new home.

This book is a must buy for anyone who ever thought they could not afford to own their own home.



About the Author
Charles Breul The author is a Master Builder with over 50 years experence in the construction industry, a Licensed General Building Contractor and Licensed General Engineering Contractor who lives in the High Desert of Southern California with his business partner, his son, Thomas, their horses and two dogs.



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