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Cats Don't Hike by Edwin Leap

Cats Don't Hike

by Edwin Leap

264 pages
Stories from a happy and (so far) functional family.

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Category: Family
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About the Book
Cats Don't Hike is a book about a family. Born out of years of newspaper columns detailing the laughter and lessons of marriage and parenthood, this book is all about the growth of love through sickness, health, hard work, messes, vacations and everything in between.

It is about the love of a husband and wife for one another, and about the way that love can and should spill over onto the children. It's about the way children love back. And in examining love, it is a sometimes about the fear and vulnerability of loving someone with all of your heart.

Written by a physician, Cats Don't Hike sometimes seems to diagnose and treat the troubles and difficulties that face parents and children. But the medicine is always given gently, and usually with a spoon of honey and a twisted smile.

In Cats Don't Hike the reader can see a kind of progression, as small children grow bigger, as children leave for school, as the world opens before them, and as the author sees his own heart grow larger with every new change. Fortunately, the book makes clear that he has his wife's constant partnership and passion to help him through the transformations.

Along the way, there are detours to favorite foods, reflections on books and a look at church on Sunday morning. And there is, as the title suggests, a fair amount of space devoted to dogs, cats and gerbils, who always seem to be running around in the background, in life or in death.

Cats Don't Hike is non-fiction. But it contains the kind of stuff that makes for good stories, whether they are real or not. And hopefully, in a time of chaos for families everywhere, it will serve as a reminder that men and women can still stay together, delight each other and raise happy, healthy children.



About the Author
Edwin Leap Edwin Leap lives with his wife and their four children in the Blue Ridge foothills of South Carolina. He is a practicing Emergency Physician and columnist. He and his wife are originally from West Virginia. He writes op-ed columns for the Greenville News, as well as a nationally known column in Emergency Medicine News, for which he received a Gold Medal Award from the American Society of Healthcare Publications Editors. Edwin's blog was recently listed as one of the top medical blogs by the LA times.



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