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So Great a Salvation by Ronald Partain

So Great a Salvation

by Ronald Partain

140 pages
A Salvation message that will bring you closer to God.

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Category: Religion:Christianity
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About the Book
No matter what your religious back ground is (if any) within this inspiring book you'll find THE WAY, and know as well what it really is to have a personal, or even closer, relationship with God.

Enter the Holy of Holies for yourself, just as the High Priest of Israel once did. Find it, though in a more personal way, as God's Own Spirit indwells your own temple (body) that was made and designed just for that purpose.

This book reveals a revelation of God the Father as well as Heaven and Hell. It is enlightening indeed as it brings to light many truths hidden within the simplicity of the Gospel Message. For example, it reveals the real Torment of Hell and what Hell Fire really is. From there it leads right into end time events and the Church's roll in them as well as the Devil's. It also presents a new view (song) for the time frame and roll of those who are in the Tribulation Period at the end of the Age. It presents a scriptual scenario that makes it (at the vary least) possible to end the Age before the Author's generation passes away. It records no less than eight tornados that ravaged the USA at the conclusion of its writing, in ways and at specific times, which says to everyone, take notice of this book and further that it shouldn't be taken lightly, for end time events may be just about to unfold right before this generation's eyes!

Uncommonly God, within the context of this book, seems to be pointing out specific numbers and dates over and over again. It may be that it is for no other reason than to point out Israel's History and Destiny or just as a WARNING. The Father alone knows what's in store for the World's future and when the Scriptures will be fulfilled!

The events surrrounding this book sound an alarming, "Must Read" for this book. They show the importance of this compelling work and its message of redemption, both to the world as a whole and for the individual.



About the Author
Ron has been a Locomotive Engineer (with the BNSF Railway) for fourty years as was his Father before him. He seved in the U.S. Army (67-69). He graduated in 1972 from Diablo Valley College (AA Degree). He completed Bible Institute in 1998. Ron resides in Antioch, California.



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