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E-MAIL FROM GOD: A New Spirituality For The Third Millennium by Lee Williams

E-MAIL FROM GOD: A New Spirituality For The Third Millennium

by Lee Williams

200 pages
Discover, then live to fulfill, the purpose of your life. Become the true master of your destiny through creative change for successful thinking and living.

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Category: Spirituality And Psychology:Philosophy
About the Book
I have a gift for you! It is something that could forever change your life and the way you perceive it. The information herein can become yours immediately, whereas, its discovery was revealed to me slowly through a lifetime of questioning, searching, studying, observing and analyzing my internal and external worlds.

Within the covers of this book are proposals for change that will revolutionize the way "truth" has been visualized for the past few thousand years. These changes will free you from the shackles of tradition and orthodoxy in ways heretofore seeming impossible.

This gift is a new, honest and practical plan for a way of life for third millennium populations to better function and peacefully share a planet that is currently on a collision course with devastation and destruction. It offers a blueprint for healing and preserving the human mind, body and spirit, the earth and all it entails, and gives new meaning not only to our personal lives, but also to our relationships with Others, God and the Universe.

While my intention is not to seem egotistical or self-serving, I feel this information was a gift from God to me and to you. I think that we are all, from time to time, divinely blessed and inspired by a force greater than we, if we will only stay still and quiet long enough to receive, reflect and record our gifts.

Solutions of the past will not solve our present and future problems. History has already confirmed that. The time has come for us to cease our reliance upon people and principles of the past for answers for today. Everything valuable does not come from some distant time and place. However, the best of yesterday can be improved and incorporated into novel formulations of today for the betterment of humankind. New methods and systems must be designed. New inspiration must be considered. New miracles must be performed. (Who mandated miracles belonging exclusively to a particular ancient era?) While the old rules served their time and their people, our time and our people need to assume responsibility for solutions to our own problems.

What I have to offer you is relevant to the present and the future, not the past. We cannot return to outdated traditions, but we can and must improve those methods and values by which we can realistically and effectively live.

This is a new approach to life based upon simplicity, not complexity; something that is accessible to all, not just a certain few. It is a "community of humanity" that succeeds through love and attraction, rather than fear and coercion. It is open-minded and tolerant, inclusive, not exclusive. It focuses on good rather than evil, love rather than competition, and caring and sharing rather than control and manipulation. It is based upon honesty, not deception. It is a direct link with what we know as God, rather than communication and interpretation through an intermediary. It recognizes the inherent good and individual worth of every human being and refuses to elevate, exalt, glorify, magnify or deify any one more than another.



About the Author
Lee Williams, a writer, artist, photographer and world traveler, is a former college communication teacher who has dabbled in everything from acting and modeling to business ownership and higher education administration. Lee, a native Tennessean, now resides in Memphis with her husband. They have six children and sixteen grandchildren.



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