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Whispers in the Wind by Annie Laura Smith

Whispers in the Wind

by Annie Laura Smith

144 pages
Misunderstanding resolved in YA story set on an idyllic island.

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Category: Fiction:Young Adult
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About the Book
Whispers in the Wind is a young adult novel. Cassie Andrews is a high school senior math scholar who’s trying to get over an unhappy relationship with the varsity quarterback. She discovers his interest in her is only to the extent he can receive help from her to pass math and avoid academic expulsion from the football team. Her final humiliation occurs when he invites another girl to the football banquet.

She spends a summer visiting her aunt and uncle at Pelican’s Cove, an island in the Gulf of Mexico. There she plans to pursue an interest in art at her aunt’s Gallery and forget about guys. While on the island she meets Jason Hunter, who works at her uncle’s marina. She decides he could be a safe sailing instructor and companion for the summer with no romantic involvement.

After Cassie finds that Jason is taking a summer school calculus course to prepare for the Air Force Academy, she becomes suspicious of his motive for their friendship. Does he, too, only need her to be his math tutor? She vows that this relationship will not echo her previous experience. Jason’s former girlfriend intrudes, and a hurricane provides suspense as the developing romance evolves. Jason and Cassie’s uncle are caught in the storm and receive injuries while sailing her uncle’s sailboat to safe harbor.

Cassie discovers that Jason received the Senior Award of Excellence in Mathematics in high school. Final resolution of the misunderstanding occurs in the hospital after the sailing accident when she volunteers to help him catch up on the math he’s missed, and they finally admit their true feelings to each other. He indicates that he had misjudged her, not realizing his “sailor and artist was a math expert, too.” She blushed, squeezed his hand, and thought, ‘Misjudged…if he only knew’.



About the Author
Annie Laura Smith has published a World War II historical trilogy (The Legacy of Bletchley Park, Will Paris Burn? and Saving da Vinci), co-authored a First Grade Math Textbook for Ethiopia under a USAID grant, and adapted The Pioneers by James Fenimore Cooper to Reading Level 4 for the EDCON Publishing Group.



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