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115 Ways to Reduce Anxiety by Mike Marcoe

115 Ways to Reduce Anxiety

by Mike Marcoe

108 pages
You can manage or even overcome anxiety.

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Category: Self Help:Stress
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About the Book
Do you suffer from any of the following?
  • Persistent agitation or irritation for no apparent reason?
  • Shortness of breath, twitching, tingling, sweating, shaky hands?
  • A persistent, low-level uneasiness with no apparent explanation?
  • Not sleeping well?
  • Avoiding particular situations or experiences for fear that something may "fall apart" in you?
  • Feeling you are flawed on a structural level?
  • Being obsessed with finding a one and only "right way" to do things?
  • Using the approval of others to medicate yourself?
  • Being bothered when something isn't done "perfectly"?
  • The fear that asserting yourself will cause you to "fall apart"?
  • Experiencing anxiety as the only (or one of the few) emotions you feel?
  • Being prone to emotional outbursts?
  • Thinking of yourself as "cool" or "calm" despite having outbursts of anger from time to time, or in secret?
  • Other people telling you they walk on eggshells around you?
Are these symptoms constant, persistent, and time-consuming? Do they result in frustration, isolation, or a lower standard of living? Do they keep you from having the kind of life you have always wanted?

If any of these occur with you, you may be suffering from anxiety. Anxiety is our reaction to a perceived, imagined, or anticipated danger. When anxiety ceases to function as a warning system, it becomes an anxiety disorder instead.

From “Restructure Your Thinking" to “Learn a Martial Art,” 115 Ways to Reduce Anxiety will give you valuable suggestions for treating both anxiety and anxiety disorders, whether they are specific or general. The tips offered here have been studied and researched by both scientists and therapists, and many are well-known parts of anxiety-therapy plans. Some come from the medical field, and others come from nutritional, physical fitness, and even spiritual approaches.

Many of the ways, such as practicing breathing exercises, will look familiar. They all attack anxiety symptoms from different angles. Some are very helpful to some people, while other methods are not helpful. However, many people find that combining several approaches works best for them.

There are dozens and dozens of ways to deal with anxiety effectively. If the familiar, tried-and-true methods don't work for you, try the unfamiliar methods, such as those explained in these chapters:
  • Study Philosophy
  • Are You an Approval Junkie?
  • Assert Yourself
  • The Power of Genuine Emotions
  • Learn a Martial Art
  • Do Repetitive Activities
  • Work Outdoors
  • Eat Whole Grains
  • Avoid Dehydration
  • Feel Your Pain
Anxiety disorders are the most common of all mental disorders. Reducing anxiety is a lifelong process for some people, and it comes with learning new sets of skills and outlooks on both yourself and life. Consider creating an action plan as suggested at the end of this book to ease into any changes you implement. I hope you find many useful ideas in this book to create an enduring set of changes in your life.



SECTION 1: Identify Your Anxiety First
  • Distinguish Between Normal Anxiety and a Disorder
  • Which Forms of Anxiety Apply to You?
SECTION 2: Using Your Mind
  • Challenge Your Fears
  • Restructure Your Thinking
  • See the Limitations of Black and White Reasoning
  • Study Philosophy
  • Don’t Try to Be So Perfect
  • Are You an Approval Junkie?
  • Assert Yourself
  • The Power of Genuine Emotions
SECTION 3: Physical Approaches
  • Learn a Martial Art
  • Do Repetitive Activities
  • Exercise Consistently
  • Breathe
  • Work Outdoors
SECTION 4: Dietary Approaches
  • Eat Well
  • Eat Whole Grains
  • Get Rid of Sugar and Stimulants
  • Herbal Remedies
  • Avoid Dehydration
  • Can Anxiety Be Organic?
SECTION 5: The Higher Road to Reducing Anxiety
  • Practice Spirituality
  • Learn the Art of Mindfulness
  • Face Your Phobias
  • Get Connected
  • Feel Your Pain
  • Join an Anxiety Support Group
  • Use Anxiety to Your Benefit
  • Get Professional Help
  • Create a Plan to Combat Anxiety
APPENDIX: Reference List of All 115 Ways to Treat Anxiety



About the Author
Mike Marcoe Mike Marcoe is a writer/editor from Middleton, Wisconsin, as well as a long-time anxiety sufferer. He has participated in all 115 methods described in his book, and has seen all of them work for him, and most of them for others as well.



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