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Breathe Deeply, This Too Shall Pass by Kimberly Ripley

Breathe Deeply, This Too Shall Pass

by Kimberly Ripley

89 pages
Enjoy these Thirty Tales of Trials and Tribulations Parenting Teens take a glimpse inside one mother's collection survival tactics for this unique breed human being!

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Category: Family
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About the Book

At that moment I wanted to fall off my chair and slither away like a snake. What I had expected to be a mother's proud moment was a nightmare. And I still had to go home and write the review!

When the show ended the music director congratulated parents on their children's wonderful performances. I got a cold hard stare.

--An excerpt from "Bacteria"--

When our older daughter is in the house simultaneously she and Jim wage what we refer to as phone wars.

"Jim, I need the phone," Judy will demand.

"Judy, I just got on," is the standard reply.

Of course he's been on for so long the receiver imprint on the side of his head has grown purple, but he won't relinquish his prize body part without a fight!

--An excerpt from "Is Jim There?"--

Her room, in addition to housing my daughter and whichever girlfriends she hauls home for the evening, is also home to three large pet rats. The caged little darlings peer at me with their beady eyes, and slither their nasty tails at me each time I enter the room.

As they slithered and I ransacked, I was aware of their impervious aroma wafting throughout the supposedly "clean" bedroom. Their beady eyes watched me as I confiscated eleven half-finished bottles of caffeine-free Pepsi, eight damp bath towels, nine dirty socks, and more pairs of dirty undies than I could count. There was no partridge in a pear tree. She doesn't own a pear tree.

--An excerpt from "Unnatural Disasters"--


Through her personal anecdotes and stories we laugh, cry, and cringe with Mrs. Ripley as she tackles the travails of teenage puppy love, the horrors of teen rooms, and the inherent strength of mom's apron strings.
- Bev Walton-Porter, Editor/BookStop
Kim Ripley writes with both humor and compassion, two things every family writer needs. To read her book is to be a parent -- whether you are one or not!
- Rusty Fischer, Editor, The Buzz On books
How many stories can one parent have? From laugh-out-loud humor to tears-in-your-eyes sentiment, Kimberly Ripley delivers tale after tale that any parent can relate to and every parent should read.
- Angela Giles Klocke, Editor/Publisher -- Klocke Publishing



About the Author
Kimberly Ripley Kimberly Ripley is a freelance writer of numerous articles and short stories published in magazines and newspapers across the country. A wife and mother of five, her humorous insight on parenting teens developed solely as a means of survival. It is not intended to be a parenting deterrent!



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