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THE IMMIGRANTS' DAUGHTER: A Private Battle to Earn the Right to Self-Actualization by Mary Terzian

THE IMMIGRANTS' DAUGHTER: A Private Battle to Earn the Right to Self-Actualization

by Mary Terzian

296 pages
WWII British Cairo Armenian immigrant stepmother repatriation Hamam Middle East fatalism

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Category: Biography
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About the Book
- Won Dan Poynter's 2012 Global E-book Award in multicultural nonfiction.

- Won Best Books 2006 Award in the multicultural, non-fiction category.

- Placed finalist in the National Indie Excellence 2007 Book Awards, in the multicultural non-fiction category.

In her award-winning book the author captures the universal immigrant experience through her personal memories. The scene is set in Cairo in the 1940's. She is a member of a tightly knit Armenian family living in an expatriate community of genocide survivors, or escapees, like her parents, from Turkey, during and after World War I. Peaceful life, joy with younger brother's arrival and happy celebrations with the clan are rocked by World War II, trauma in the family and older brother's departure behind the Iron Curtain. The usual inter generational tensions defending tradition against emancipation are constantly present, especially with regard to the inferior status of women. It is also a turbulent period in Egypt's political history, transitioning from kingdom to republic.

The Immigrants' Daughter, interspersed with wit, is a triumph over destiny, a leap from passive acceptance of fate into a fierce battle for self-determination. Queenland's (Australia) Department of Education has posted an excerpt from this book on their website for use by their teachers and students as an instructional tool.


MUST READ. .a literary achievement in more than one dimension . . . presented with eloquence draped in simplicity . . . often seasoned with subtle humor . . .
- Harut Barsamian
Mary's wit and humor carry the day.
- Tom Barnes, Actor, Writer, Hurricane Hunter
Terzian is a talented writer with a wealth of experience to share. . . captivating, heartwarming, and unforgettable book.
- Richard R. Blake, Midwest Book Review
. . . a deeply satisfying memoir . . . at the same time amusing, interesting and inspiring.

. . . The book almost reads more like a collection of short stories . . .
- Danielle Feliciano for Reader Views
Ms. Terzian has a great ability to distill an entire span of some twenty years into numerous vignettes and episodes that powerfully convey her desire to become educated and to overcome stereotypical notions about the role of a woman in society and in the household.
- Viken S. Mouradian
The writing is beautiful, the story tender and brave. Mary's book touches the hearts of people everywhere.
- Helen (Montebello)



About the Author
Born in Egypt to immigrant Armenian parents, author started learning English at age 11. Her proficiency in languages took her to Congo and Togo, to work with the United Nations. She also visited several countries before immigrating to the United States, where she received her higher education in Business, Management.



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