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Forever Silent, Forever Changed by Kellie Davis

Forever Silent, Forever Changed

by Kellie Davis

102 pages
A mother's journey and your personal journal through infant loss.

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Category: Self Help:Grief
About the Book
This book began as a few articles I wrote after having lost my son, Kyle, as a stillborn. I had been looking for a way to express myself, my grief, my feelings and I found it in these pages.

After some time had passed and Kyle's death was a little more easily discussed, I found that many people had questions about my experience. I wanted to be able to answer them truthfully, in a way to allow them to understand the scope of what had happened in our lives.

So I began writing. And, as I put my words on paper, I found I had a great deal to say on the matter. There were so many issues involved, so many roads to take, that I decided to turn those few articles into this book. In this way, others could read of my experiences, maybe even live them in their hearts and perhaps understand a little better what it means to lose a baby.

Also, for those people who have had similar experiences, I wanted to create a work that detailed my journey. I was hoping that mothers and fathers could see that they are not alone, that what they are feeling and doing is not so very different and that all of their reactions are "normal". We are not crazy, we are grieving parents.

As a person who loves words, I felt that just chronicling my journey wasn't enough. I wanted to give the reader a place to write reactions, feelings and thoughts.

Therefore, at the end of each chapter is a page on which I ask some pointed questions. These were designed to be springboards to help the reader express her tumultuous and often frightening emotions, no matter how foreign or "insane" they may seem. Sometimes, just getting things down on paper can help in the effort of working through a tragedy and moving on with life.



About the Author
Kellie Davis Kellie Davis is a wife, mother and high school World Language teacher. She resides in New Jersey with her husband, Greg, and their son, Justin.



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