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Tattletale Parrot by Ellorine Cottingham Morgan

Tattletale Parrot

by Ellorine Cottingham Morgan

244 pages
Tattletale Parrot: A Bama Cotter Cozy Mystery Murder in Dixie is Contagious

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Category: Fiction:Mystery
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About the Book

Bama Lee Cotter owned and operated an Art Studio in Woodville, a small Alabama town. After her high school sweetheart dumped her for their tag-along friend, Liz Bird, Bama followed her father's example and ran from her heartbreak. The young woman went to the glamorous city of the stars in California. After a few months, Bama realized she'd only added loneliness to her problem and so she returned to her grandparent's home. She'd lived with the old couple since her mother died and her father left for parts unknown.

Bama went to the fine arts college a few miles from her home. When she graduated, the young woman opened an art studio in the Cotter building in the town square. Unlike her grandparent’s unsuccessful bakery business, the artist's business began to show a good profit. The key was long hours of hard work, with no time for personal relationships. In addition, her two employees, Jessie Mason and Jake took a personal interest in the studio. Bama's business was her prime focus in life, until lately.

An early morning visit, through her upstairs bedroom window, from her cousin Lowell and his parrot, Astrid, changed her routine. The two a.m. intrusion interrupted Bama's sleep and her life. Lowell told his cousin that Bobby Joe, his wife, was in a drunken rage when he returned home. Apparently, this wasn't anything new in their relationship, but she refused to tell her husband where their two year old twins were. Fearing the worse, Lowell called the handsome Indian Chief of Police, Boone Lightfoot, for help. Bobby Joe insisted she wanted her husband out of the house, and her life. She planned to divorce him, she screamed drunkenly. As his wife continued her incoherent raving, the sheriff advised Lowell to find another place to stay for the rest of the morning. Boone said perhaps Bobby Joe would sober up and remember where she left her children. Meanwhile, the sheriff promised to start an intensive search for the boys.

Bobby Joe's murder and her children's disappearance started a vortex of murders, corruption and fraud in high places. Bama discovers old secrets in the small town, and helps the sheriff unravel the twisted crimes. Astrid, the parrot, does his best to discover the truth. As the sheriff and Bama work together, the artist realizes her hidden passions are gaining strength. Before the crimes are solved, Boone and the artist almost lose their lives...



About the Author
Ellorine Cottingham Morgan was born and raised in the South. Morgan has a BA in English and Graduate in Counseling. She operated her art studio for years, but her love for cozy mysteries along with the art of story telling and a vivid imagination set her career toward creative writing.



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