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The Best Black Vampire Story You've Ever Read by Donna Monday

The Best Black Vampire Story You've Ever Read

by Donna Monday

552 pages
A tale of love and bloodlust featuring black vampires

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Category: Fiction:SciFi Fantasy Horror
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About the Book

Rochelle Prescott is adrift. After experiencing the tragic loss of her fiance, Everett, she decides to take a trip through upstate New York, hoping to find a little solace for her bruised soul. Tired and hungry, she pulls into the town of Venice Springs. A local directs her to what seems like a charming, old-fashioned bed and breakfast inn. However, as Rochelle is about to find out, the Sleepy Trail Inn offers more than cozy comfort for weary travelers. Every guest is a potential meal for the black vampires who own this quaint old place. In spite of her best efforts, the unsuspecting Rochelle finds herself falling under the spell of the handsome Darius Champion. Will her love for the master vampire lure her into the world of the immortals forever?

Darius Champion has lived his life to the fullest. During his two hundred plus years of walking the earth, he has satisfied his every whim and lust. Having grown weary of the fast life, he settles down in upstate New York. Yet, there's a place deep down in his heart that yearns for true love and companionship. While he is master of his home and the town of Venice Springs, there is one thing he's not in control of, his heart. Will his blind love for one woman cause him to lose everything he cherishes, including his life?



About the Author
Donna Monday grew up in the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York. She has always loved music, books, and the creative arts. Her love of African-American culture, in addition to her vivid imagination, has led her to create stories that are richly unique and excitingly diverse.



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