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Connecting With Your Teen: Seven Principles to Resolve Teenage Behavioral Challenges by Dr. John Oda

Connecting With Your Teen: Seven Principles to Resolve Teenage Behavioral Challenges

by Dr. John Oda

108 pages
parenting, discipline, depression, motivation, lying, ADHD, fighting, anger, teenager, family

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Category: Self Help:Relationships
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About the Book
Connecting With Your Teen:

It's about a teen that makes the wrong choices in his life, and how each choice has consequences.

Connecting with your teen, also focus on building a strong family relationship, and utilize tools of how to gain rapport with your teen, and build trust in the family.

This book explores the possibility of using the seven principles to bond the family together, and provide case studies to show how to apply the principles.

You Will Learn:
  • How to create a family mission statement.
  • How to show your teen love through tough times.
  • How to motivate your teen to achieve success.
  • New ways to communicate with your teen.
Who will benefit from Connecting With Your Teen?
  • Parents and youth that are having challenges communicating with each
  • Parents who are committed to finding new ways to bond with their youth.
  • Families that are facing any behavior challenges.
  • Teachers, caregivers, who need tools to help our youth succeed.


A must read for parents, teachers or anyone involved with teenagers. Dr. John P. Oda untwists, in a beautiful manner, the trauma and horror that happens to teenagers and returns their human spirit to function in the world. A heart full of gratitude for writing this book and doing the work that is desperately needed in the world.
- Robert Nygren



About the Author
John Oda, Ph.D. NLP, is a peak performance expert with 17 years of experience in the mental health field and a 90% success rate. He has worked with thousands of parents and their teens hosting seminars and conducting parenting workshops. John resides in Vancouver Washington with his wife Keiko.



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