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TAPOUT by Joann Higgins


by Joann Higgins

225 pages
A lady firefighter hired is tricked and tormented by males.

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Category: Fiction
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About the Book

TAPOUT is about a beautiful young woman who's wanted to be a fireman all her life. Her father was a chief in the department and told her she'd have to be better to be as good as the men.

Lacy graduates from college and then from the fire academy and is hired to work at station 13, which irritates every man there. The only people who seem to be supportive are her Captain and the Fire Marshal.

One man there, Hawkeye, seems to be the most angry to have her onboard. He tortures her by putting gritty materials in her bed, by putting a nasty poster in her study room and tells everybody that she must be a lesbian.

Arsonist-set fires roar throughout her district making her life a living hell as everybody claims it's her fault. By now she's called "Bad Luck Lacy."

The media loves her and takes every opportunity to put her on the front page of the papers and television cameras put her on the six o'clock news.

In the end, Lacy nearly loses her life as the arsonist ties her to a chair and fills a balloom with gasoline near the hot water heater's flame.

This book will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very last page. It's full of mayhem, arson and dirty tricks.



About the Author
Joann Higgins was born in southern Illinois and began writing seriously at fifteen. She's been published in national and local magazines. Her debut novel is TAPOUT. Higgins took every creative writing class offered at the local college where she lives.



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