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Clear Heart: Rainforest Transmissions from the Greater Universe by Joanna Morsicato

Clear Heart: Rainforest Transmissions from the Greater Universe

by Joanna Morsicato

228 pages
Follow Joe Fielding into interdimensional doorways in the rainforest of Ecuador. Will he keep a clear heart? Aesmerald entices him. Evil eyes watch. Joe fights for his life.

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Category: Fiction:Adventure
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About the Book

Clear Heart intertwines the adventures of everyday life with lessons of spirit. As the veils which normally separate everyday reality from the Greater Universe thin, more and more people will stumble into the Greater Universe, into dimensions previously unseen. Hard and fast concepts about truth and reality will falter. Clear Heart enables readers to find access to this Greater Universe as a part of everyday life. The reader is urged to let go of the concept that what we usually see with our eyes as truth, is all that there is. It is only through acknowledging that the unseen or unexpected is possible, that our scientists can find answers to unsolved questions, or that life on the planet earth can reach balance or peace.

Follow Joe Fielding as he stumbles into his first experiences seeing beyond the everyday world. Travel with him to the rainforest of Ecuador and beyond. Learn along with Joe to see into the Greater Universe. He gains access to an interdimensional doorway, a portal to the Greater Universe, and to miracle plants, used by the ancients to cure cancer. The portal has been closed for 30 years, and Joe, an outsider, is shown the way through a doorway used for hundreds of years only by shamans.

Everything from love to fear to greed can cloud the heart. Will Joe's heart be clear enough for him to get this lesson from the ancient ones in time? His adventures include encounters with love and lust. Joe meets Beth, his first love, with whom he feels bonded as if they have been together for many lifetimes. Asemerald, whose magnetism entices Joe to play at the waterfalls on the other side, causes him to question his relationship with Beth.

Joe faces fear and is on the receiving end of another's hatred. His own fear is manifested in the form of a huge and menacing creature from the depths of the forest. Later, the eyes of a wild man-beast whose life is the manifestation of pure hatred, stalk Joe and his companions, Joe is forced to fight for his life.

Clear Heart presents struggles with issue of power and greed. Joe dreams of the power and success his family will have when his father brings home the plant that only Joe knows how to get from the other side. Will Joe keep a clear heart and will he remember Abundancia? Before there was fear, fear of scarcity, there was a belifef in Abundancia, the abundance of the universe.

The lessons will come easier as more and more of us see the abundance of the Greater Universe, see beyond the belief system that we assume in our everyday lives. Fear and a sense of scarcity fall by the wayside as we embrace the lessons of spirit: to keep a clear heart and hold the concept of the abundance that is available at all times.


Is it possible that the spirits of the forest are lifting the veil between everyday reality and the greater universe to educate humankind away from fear and greed before it is too late? The author relays their message in a fictionalized narrative combining exotic sights and sounds of the Amazon Basin with glimpses of what is hidden under the skin that most people consider "reality." When you have a clear heart, the universe will take care of the rest. Joe, the protagonist, goes home a changed person. The same may happen to readers.
- Christine G. Richardson, ForeWord Magazine Online (December 2000)



About the Author
Joanna Morsicato Joanna Morsicato, a writer and anthropologist, has studied metaphysics for most of her life. She has followed inner guidance to write about the Greater Universe (the seen and the unseen). The adventure, Clear Heart, began with her trip to the rainforest in the Amazon Basin of Ecuador in June 1997.



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