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Come What May-A Comprehensive Guide to Traditional and Non-Traditional Treatments for the Autism Spectrum by Ronna Hochbein, OTR/L

Come What May-A Comprehensive Guide to Traditional and Non-Traditional Treatments for the Autism Spectrum

by Ronna Hochbein, OTR/L

112 pages
Guide to Treatments for Autism and related disorders.

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Category: Health:Medicine
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About the Book

You will never forget the day you heard the words, ”Your child has autism.”

Well, neither will I.

For most, it is a completely life altering experience, leading families onto a confusing path of therapies, conflicting medical opinions, or worse… answers at all.
This book is designed as an autism “cheat sheet”; intended to touch each aspect of the autistic person’s symptoms, and then offering treatment ideas in the form of therapies and new medical practices. It is a compilation of seven years of research by the author, streamlined into one place… essence, what I wish someone would have handed me at the beginning of the arduous journey.

This book covers traditional therapies, occupational and speech therapy, as well as new research regarding the special diets for autism, and hypothesized biological etiologies. It addresses autism as a medical illness.

Included are numerous research articles and books, as well as websites and groups to join for support, to provide a plan to begin to help your child or client.


Excellent guide for those with a new autism diagnosis as well as those already in treatment. Combines therapy and biomedical interventions in a very easy to comprehend way.
- Ann Brasher
grandmother/autism advocate/board member NAA/List Owner
Come What May is loaded with invaluable resources and treatment suggestions, both traditional and non-traditional. It covers specific medical tests, therapies, websites, on-line groups, books, organizations, studies and statistics. The book also provides a Case Study in the final chapter. She discusses the controversy surrounding the autism and the vaccine/thimersol issue, and she presents diet related treatments such as the gluten and casein free/specific carbohydrate diet by Elaine Gottschal.

Come What Mayis an invaluable tool that every parent with a child with autism should have at their disposal.
- Cindy DeJager



About the Author

Ronna Hochbein has been a practicing Occupational Therapist for 14 years, and is co-owner of a private practice specializing in Sensory Integration. She is certified in Therapeutic Listening, Advanced Listening and Level 1 Samonas Sound Therapy, and has studied biological interventions for autism. Most importantly, she is a mother to three sons, of which is on the autism spectrum.



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