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The Creature Crafters by Christopher Martin

The Creature Crafters

by Christopher Martin

604 pages
An epic saga that takes place far into the future.

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Category: Fiction:SciFi Fantasy Horror
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About the Book

How does one tell the story of the appearance of a completely new species of human? By telling it in such a way the process revealed is exposed as a carefully planned sequence of events. Have you ever wondered why life seems so ruthless? Why do prayers go unanswered? Why are grievous injustices and heinous acts of cruelty allowed to take place? Our theologians tell us it is because the Devil is allowed to run rough-shod over Creation. But then, who made the Devil? Does any part of what we call reality make any sense at all? When and where will all of this senseless brutality come to an end?

Emile and Tofla had been created Crafters at the beginning when two undulating Universes collided—their rippling boundaries tearing into the colossal energy of the material that became the origin of our plane of existence. God then gave Emile and Tofla authority over all life and over all of the order of things commanding them to be faithful stewards of His handiwork. They were to husband His Creation. They were to manage the process that God had set in motion—the process that produces life. For aeons they carefully managed that primeval garden.

The Creature Crafters is a story of how a number of seemingly insignificant events in mankind’s rich and colorful history took place along the space-time continuum. At first, they appeared to be completely unrelated—disconnected from each other by time. But, as we soon discover, no event in the evolution of mankind could have ever been considered independent of the others. All of them moved inexorably toward the fulfillment of a carefully planned and tediously managed end. And, much to our surprise, the end eventually did justify the means as each article of our collective reality collided in a perfect synchronicity of evolutionary change. In the end we learn that the ethical context of our existence is as irrelevant as the moral aspect of our human condition. What is the point of correcting the sins of our past when our future is immortality? In that distant and permanent point of view, our existence will be empowered with the ability to manipulate time and set off on fantastic adventures in every dimension the Universe has to offer.

We learn that we were meant to see God in His fundamental expression—to hear his voice and feel His great affection for us. We find ourselves understanding that the future is not for our descendents; it is for us for we are those descendents. Indestructible life forces created at the beginning of time, our kind was intended to be the companions of our Maker and bask in the comfort of His enduring love for us for all of eternity. And, all of this wonder and adventure would soon manifest itself as the meaning of life if the Crafters can just pull off the incredibly complex coordination of their final phase of development.



About the Author
A new author with a different perspective on soft science fiction and fantasy. This is a story that takes the reader on a journey through human legend and myth. He has put together an epic tale of what might happen to our kind in epochs yet to come.



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