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Get the Job You Want!* *(without ever filling out an application) by Ken Lynch

Get the Job You Want!* *(without ever filling out an application)

by Ken Lynch

83 pages
The way to your dream job. No more posting resumes!

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Category: Business:Job-Hunting And Careers
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About the Book

There are few events in life as stressful as looking for a job. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Job seekers make many common mistakes that produce a lot of stress and anxiety. Among them are scanning the newspapers for job openings, posting resumes on line or sending out mass mailings, lunching with old pals in the business, and hoping the phone will ring. All of these are stress inducing because they rarely work, and job seekers know they rarely work. Yet millions of people continue to look for jobs this way. Why? Because they don’t know any other way.

In this book, I am going to show you a system that means never having to look through classifieds, never having to send out resumes, and never having to hope that some stranger from Human Resources will call you. I am going to put you in control.

You will learn how to make contact with the top executives of the most important companies in your field. You will learn how to approach them so you will not only get a meeting, but make these powerful decision makers actually look forward to meeting you. You will also learn how to make a great impression (not just a good one) leave them wanting to know more about you, and wondering why you aren’t working for them already. You'll also learn how to turn each meeting into a sure ticket to face-to-face meetings with three other very important people.

I know these methods work because I have tried them myself and I have seen them tried with me by job seekers. It is an amazingly effective system. Enjoy the book. It will fire you up!



About the Author
Ken Lynch is a respected public relations professional who has held management positions in radio, television and government for more than 20 years. He has hired dozens of professional people, and continues to help evaluate applicants for a variety of positions. He and his family live in Phoenix, Arizona.



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