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Psychological Foundations of Success: A Harvard-Trained Scientist Separates the Science of Success from Self-Help Snake Oil by Dr. Stephen J. Kraus

Psychological Foundations of Success: A Harvard-Trained Scientist Separates the Science of Success from Self-Help Snake Oil

by Dr. Stephen J. Kraus

198 pages
Positive Psychology and “Success Science” vs. Self-Help Snake Oil

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About the Book

Tired of self-help snake oil? Had enough of self-improvement urban legends? Want to know about the REAL science of success? Then this is the book for you.

Success scientist and Harvard-trained psychologist Stephen Kraus synthesizes decades of research on success into a straightforward, step-by-step system that anyone can use to achieve more and be happier.

You’ll learn the biggest barrier to success, and how to overcome it using five scientific steps:

1. Vision: The science of identifying your passions and figuring out what you really want from life

2. Strategy: The science of turning lofty ambitions into consistent action

3. Belief: The science of minimizing FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt)

4. Persistence: The science of drive and determination

5. Learning: The science of making course corrections, and turning isolated successes into a fulfilling life

The research underlying this process for success is derived largely from the rapidly-growing field of positive psychology: the scientific study of happy, successful, highly-achieving people.

It gives research-based answers to fascinating questions such as...

- What separates the history’s greatest artists, scientists and businesspeople from those who are merely good in their fields?

- What separates top employees and students from those who achieve less?

- Who successfully loses weight and keeps it off?

- Who keeps their New Year’s resolutions, & how do they do it?

- What attitudes and actions are common among America’s wealthiest people?

- Who successfully kicks habits like tobacco and alcohol?

- Who recovers from mental illness?

- What techniques have proven effective in helping elite athletes to bring about peak performance? And how can you use them to achieve more in everyday life?

- Do techniques like walking barefoot on red-hot coals – often featured at motivational seminars – really work?

"This science-based guide to a flourishing life sifts sense from nonsense, make-believe panaceas from genuine change strategies... Few will read it without finding nuggets of wisdom for boosting their own success and well-being." Dr. David Myers, Hope College, author of several books on psychology, including the best-selling psychology textbook in America.



About the Author
Success Scientist Dr. Stephen Kraus separates the real psychology of success from self-help snake oil. His research is cited in textbooks, and he is regularly quoted in the national media. Steve has a Ph.D. in social psychology from Harvard University, and twice won Harvard's award for excellence in teaching.



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