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Energy 101: The Key To Understanding Holistic Health by Jan Meryl

Energy 101: The Key To Understanding Holistic Health

by Jan Meryl

164 pages
Pure enlightenment! This book contains information gathered from thousands of psychic channeled readings in which spirit guides explain how you can turn illness, misery, and poverty into health, happiness, and wealth. Chock full of self-help healing methods, this book is a must read for health care professionals, healers, and seekers.

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Category: Spirituality And Psychology
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About the Book

Jan Meryl is a medical intuitive and psychic consultant who channels angels and spirit guides. In Energy 101, Jan presents information gathered from spirit guides in thousands of her psychic channeled readings. The book reveals how you are using your personal energy to create and attract what you want in life. It also explains how you are blocking the manifestation of your desires, and how you can go about releasing those blocks.

Energy 101 addresses common every day questions such as:

Why do I feel ill?

Why am I depressed?

Why don't I have any financial security?

Why do I feel stuck?

Why do I keep having the same problems in relationships?

The book is comprised of three sections. In the first section, Jan explains the dynamics of energy. She explains how and why each individual uses personal energy to create a reality comprised of elements such as health, happiness, abundance, illness, and misery. Jan discusses how to consciously exchange the energies of illness and misery for health, happiness, and abundance.

In the second section, Jan relates stories of seven case studies and explains how each of these individuals has the ability to alter their energy field to bring about positive changes to their personal reality.

The third section is a manual of healing techniques that the guides have recommended in Jan's readings. These self-help methods have been tested and proven to be successful with many of Jan's clients.

This book bridges the gap between understanding the spiritual journey and using that knowledge to live a healthy, fulfilling life. Energy 101 is a must read for health care professionals, healers, and seekers.


Energy 101 tears away the myths and illusions that trap us in lives of endless frustration, disappointment and loss, fated to repeat our chaotic, dysfunctional and self-defeating patterns until we are forced, by illness or total collapse, to find another truth and try alternative solutions. Meryl and her wise spirit mentors tell us how to give up the role of victimhood and access our inner wisdom to create health, happiness and success. Others have urged similar changes, but Meryl provides an illustrated, step-by-step plan for healing and evolution that is stunningly insightful and dazzling in its simplicity.
- Luise Light, Ed.D, Former Executive Editor, New Age Journal
I would like to tell you how profoundly I enjoyed your book, Energy 101. I experienced a remarkable transformation as a result of learning how the Universal laws of energy operate in our everyday existence and applying their healing principles as clearly explained in each chapter. Your book expanded my understanding of reality, and helped me recognize and express the truth about myself as a creative joyful being. Thank you for giving me the tools and guidance that I needed to heal and find freedom from fear.
- Marilyn Decalo, Customer Review



About the Author
Jan Meryl Jan Meryl is a medical intuitive, psychic consultant, and hypnotherapist. Since beginning her career as an intuitive, fifteen years ago, she has assisted thousands of people in discovering and using the full potential of their own creative powers for personal growth and self-healing. Jan has an M.F.A. degree from Florida State University, and she currently resides in Sarasota, Florida.



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