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A Woman's Guide To Avoiding Automotive Scams by Tiffany Pittman

A Woman's Guide To Avoiding Automotive Scams

by Tiffany Pittman

51 pages
At last, a woman's armor against unscrupulous automotive scams.

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About the Book

A Woman’s Guide to Avoiding Automotive Scams is a revolutionary guide that helps women to shed the aura that makes them an easy target for victimization when buying an automobile or seeking automotive service or repairs. Through this guide you will gain the knowledge and the confidence you need to independently shop for a new or used vehicle, buy accessories for your vehicle and obtain services, repairs and maintenance without worrying about being ripped off or taken advantage of.

This lighthearted yet to the point informative guide will introduce you to the most common scams in the automotive industry and why women usually fall for them. It dispels the top seven myths that women believe and provides clear explanations that will empower you to separate the facts from the fiction.

After reading this guide you will understand exactly what you can expect when buying cars from individuals, independent car lots or car dealerships. Better yet, you’ll learn about devious practices you may encounter when buying a car and how to protect yourself from swindlers. You will find the discussion of the first three questions a salesperson will ask you and the information they actually obtain from them most interesting. You’ll also learn about warranties and how to ensure that they are valid.

If ever you have been taken advantage of at an automotive repair shop, you’ll be able to relate to Katie’s story and the feelings of violation that come about when you realize how bad you have been conned. You’ll be happy to learn about the deceitful practices mechanics employ in order to increase your bill due to their assumption that you are naïve and will take the “experts” word for what needs to be done.

Learning the major systems of an automobile and the parts that make them work will aid you in understanding terminology that is thrown at you that is overwhelming and causes confusion. You’ll also gain some tips on some terminology you can toss around that will let salespeople and mechanics know that you are not a gullible woman.

You’ll be given useful tips for buying a vehicle and for finding a mechanic you can trust. And, last but not least, you’ll receive a list of resources that will help you to further your education and increase your knowledge of motor vehicles to ensure that you will not be a victim of deceptive practices in the automobile industry.



About the Author

Tiffany Pittman is a Freelance TV Producer whose credits include VH1’s hit reality show, “Hogan Knows Best”, and MTV’s “I Want A Famous Face.”

Practically living in her car due to the enormous amount of traveling for MTV and VH1, Tiffany’s second home became car repair shops.

Each shop had the same thing in common; Car mechanics trying to add on ridiculous products and services, and jacking prices because they didn’t think a woman knew better. Finally Tiffany had enough. With tips from her dad, male friends, and a little common sense, she no longer feels the need to get a male friend to take her car to the shop.



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