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How To Help Your Child Get Better Grades Easier by Selina J. Jackson

How To Help Your Child Get Better Grades Easier

by Selina J. Jackson

120 pages
Pinpoint and eliminate barriers to your child's academic success.

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Category: Education
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About the Book

Parents, do you want the satisfaction of discovering some new techniques that will have your children learning so fast that they themselves will be amazed?

John’s Story

John received F’s on his report card for the last two years. He did poorly in spelling, math, and just wasn’t “getting it” in reading. He wasn’t completing or turning in all of his work, and lacked motivation. His mother starts using Activities H and I, and surprisingly reports that after just one session, John gets an “A” on his spelling. A month later, he receives a report card that has NO F’s!

Robin’s Story

She says, “My two boys struggled for so long in school…in a short amount of time, the techniques in this book changed the course…I am a witness that they work.

This book provides:
·Easy strategies to improve reading
comprehension and math scores.
·Powerful techniques to help your child
concentrate and stay focused.
·How to get your child to say Yes when it wants
to say NO.

In addition, reading and doing the activities in this book will:

·increase your awareness and understanding of
the visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learner.
·show you how to adapt your parenting style to
meet the needs of your children.
·help you improve all sorts of relationships
at home and at work
·give you effective strategies to improve your
child’s memory.
·help you handle the hard to reach child faster
and easier.

Try the techniques in this book for yourself and you can decide how best to use them to achieve exactly what you want to achieve. And I’m sure others will notice your efforts.



About the Author
Selina Jackson, M.A. is a Professional Speaker and Trainer with 10 years experience and has 20+ years of teaching experience. She is President of Super Achievement, Inc. and provides interactive, entertaining, educational workshops designed to inspire and empower parents, students, and teachers.



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