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Path of Darkness by Anthony R. Karnowski

Path of Darkness

by Anthony R. Karnowski

456 pages
The exciting second installment of the series: The Iluvian Cycle.

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Category: Fiction:SciFi Fantasy Horror
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About the Book

Humanity has been enslaved by a terrible power, and the world is blanketed in darkness. Nestled on a magically-hidden island, Kyr Astaldereg and the last surviving elves make their plans to overthrow the Shadow King, the evil tyrant responsible for making slaves of mankind. But the Dark Lord is not willing to sit idly by and wait for their plots to affect him. A large force has already been deployed with a simple goal: the eradication of the elven race.

In the sequel to Forgotten Prophecies, Kyr and his friends are forced to abandon the elves' last refuge, finding themselves on a dark path in search of a mythic being known as the Iluvianese. If they succeed in waking the slumbering power, they might have a chance to free mankind.



About the Author
Anthony R. Karnowski Anthony R. Karnowski was born in the shadow of the Smoky Mountains, where he lives still with his wife, Leslie, and their four dogs: Ender, Arya, Petra, and Schultz.



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