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From Cross To Cross: The musings of a Jewish boy riding his motorcycle through the Christian world by lenny mandel

From Cross To Cross: The musings of a Jewish boy riding his motorcycle through the Christian world

by lenny mandel

300 pages
A Jewish boys thoughts, motorcycle riding through the Christian world.

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Category: Travel
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About the Book

It's Borscht Belt meets Bible Belt: a travelogue like no other.

In From Cross to Cross the Musings of a Jewish Boy Riding his Motorcycle through the Christian World, first-time author, actor, financial consultant, and Cantor Lenny Mandel takes you on a journey with him, his wife Shelly, and their friends through the South.

He artfully weaves the sights, sounds, and situations he encounters along the way with the memories and musings they conjure up.

Gracefully shifting between the back roads and the lectern of his Synagogue, Lenny extols the joys of motorcycling, and shares poignant stories of growing up as the son of Eastern European Jews in Brooklyn in the 1950s. He takes on serious issues: the Holocaust, anti-Semitism, and his religious beliefs while entertaining readers with his insightful observations, jokes, and with lyrics of songs that make up the soundtrack of his life.

Part motorcycle trip, part head trip, From Cross to Cross literally has something for everyone.

Here's what the Executive Editor of a major New York publishing company had to say about From Cross to Cross:

Thanks for letting me review Lenny Mandel's manuscript, which I am happy to report is a delightful story...a well-written travelogue.

Lenny can turn a good phrase and spices up his narrative with some classic jokes, while at the same time investigating his place in America as a Jew in a predominantly Christian world, particularly evident as he ventures into the South.

He raises some profound questions that will resonate with his target audience while still keeping a light hand with his writing."

Whether readers relive their own past, relate to Lenny's colorful stories, laugh out loud at his jokes, or find themselves singing along with him, one thing is certain.

They'll enjoy the ride.



About the Author
Born in Brooklyn, N.Y., Lenny Mandel, a professional actor/singer (30 year member of the acting unions) has appeared on stage, on television, in film, and in print. He was a folksinger, a disc Jockey on Radio Nacional d'Espana in Barcelona, and his voice has been heard throughout the Western world in commercials and Public Service Announcements. Lenny is an ordained Rabbi and Cantor with a pulpit in Bergen County, New Jersey. He's hubby to Shelly, dad to Wayne and Stacie and YAYA (it's a long story) to Dylan, Ari & Spencer.



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