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Mom Says, Dad Says, Nat Says Other by Nathalie Ishizuka

Mom Says, Dad Says, Nat Says Other

by Nathalie Ishizuka

60 pages
For adults and kids who are one of a kind.

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Category: Self Help
About the Book
For Anyone Daring to be Different

A lot of people do not always fit in. And many times, that is a good thing. Being different can push us to think outside the box, to resist peer pressure, to discover what only we can become.

To do so, however, is not easy. To succeed, you need to know the ABCs of belonging, how to outwit difficult people with a big heart, and do so with laughter.

Other explores the psychology of group differences; how they can help or hinder us find our way in life. The book is written for busy adults and curious kids who do not fit neatly into one category.

Other illustrates how to:

+ Discover you are an OTHER or different from those around you
+ Develop surprising and fun coping strategies for being an OTHER
+ Create your own rules of the game to become something bigger

Rather than writing a serious psychology book on being labeled an Other, the author through the short entertaining tale, Mom Says, Dad Says, Nat Says: Other, inspires us to happily stand out.

The three main characters, Mom, Dad, and Nat are real people who have unique insights on what it is to be an OTHER. Dad, a world renown Harvard trained psychiatrist, brings his expertise to help us understand individual and group psychology. Mom's love of life, great wisdom and formidable capacity to follow her heart moves us to be open to strangers. Nat, who has never fit into one category, integrates both the head and the heart, to inspire us to enjoy our differences, outwit difficult people, and become one of a kind.

The book appeals to anyone who has felt different (or been picked on -- and who hasn't!), and yet thanks to the main characters of the book, ex-pats, individuals brought up in two or more cultures, people of mixed marriages or races, or those growing up in a multi-cultural environment will find special meaning in this heartwarming illustrated tale.


Adults and kids who have the communication skills to overcome the us vs. them mentality will go far in life. Public diplomacy starts at home. This book is a delightful must.
- Bruce Sherman, Director of Strategic Planning, U.S. Broadcasting Board of Governors
The Nat Says series provides busy adults and kids with a better understanding of optimal mental health, how to fortify it and improve it -- all while being entertained.
- Len Duhl, Professor of Public Health at Berkeley and Pioneer of WHO Healthy Cities Project in Europe
In a world where identity and nationality are both a great source of human belonging and suffering, Other helps us look beyond individual differences to bring new hope.
- James Sutterlin, former Director of the Executive Office of the U.N. Secretary General
A wise and charming book for international, intercultural families that shows how to use wit, warmth, and humor as a means to hurdle the pitfalls of being an other in a mono-cultural environment.
- Dugan Romano, author of Intercultural Marriage: Promises and Pitfalls



About the Author
Nathalie Ishizuka is a Franco-Japanese American who has spent over 15 years writing about a model of health. Her innovative work integrating the psychology of individuals, organizations, and the nation state has led her to receive the George A. Plimpton Fellowship for the study of social, economic, and political institutions.



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