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The Chocolate Therapist:  A User's Guide to the Extraordinary Health Benefits of Chocolate by Julie Pech

The Chocolate Therapist: A User's Guide to the Extraordinary Health Benefits of Chocolate

by Julie Pech

63 pages
Current health benefits of chocolate consolidated into a single resource.

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Category: Health:Nutrition
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About the Book

It's often been said that if something seems too good to be true, it probably is. But this clever presentation of the broad ranging benefits of chocolate clearly lays waste to that old clich'. The Chocolate Therapist is one of the first books available to consolidate all the latest healthy facts about chocolate into a single, must-have resource for chocolate lovers all over the world.

Whatever your health concern, there's a chocolate selection somewhere that can help solve your problem. The book prescribes recommended chocolate bars in a format much like you might see on your own medicine bottle, with chocolate substituted for the medication. This often makes for a laugh-out-loud realization of how we address our health issues. But to make her chocolate-for-health premise undeniably convincing, the author backs up each 'prescription'' with a bevy of recent statistics supporting how chocolate can help with that particular health concern. The unique and humorous presentation makes page turning a simply must know how to resolve your next health ailment with chocolate, and why it works. (You're not limited to the recommended bar substitute your favorite wherever you like.)

The book also includes a brief history of chocolate, a section on how to choose the proper chocolate for optimal health and an entertaining guide on how to eat chocolate properly. The appendices offer a small collection of dark chocolate recipes, a list of websites for the recommended bars and a brief overview of the glycemic index. Both educational and entertaining, you simply can't finish the book without a dark chocolate bar in hand.

Many people have long considered chocolate a decadent snack, a problem easily solved by the proper education. The fact is, there's no longer a need to justify your passion for this once forbidden delicacy. After you've finished reading, you'll know (among many other things) how chocolate can help manage moods, how it can help jump-start a lagging sexual desire and how it can be used to control sassy kids. You'll also be loaded with chocolate statistics and history, the tasting skills of a distinguished chocolate connoisseur and enough information about the health benefits of chocolate to be the center of attention at any party. There's no reason why we shouldn't eat chocolate as often as we should drink red wine, and that means once a day. Is chocolate-for health too good to be true? Not any more.



About the Author
Julie Pech Julie earned a degree in psychology while balancing motherhood and a career in the sporting goods industry. She later launched her own company, but sold it after five years to pursue a passion for writing. Finally capitalizing on her degree, she set out to prove that when you combine the mind and chocolate, something extraordinary happens.



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