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Two Houses of Love by Marlene Thevenote

Two Houses of Love

by Marlene Thevenote

180 pages
Fictional work depicting the life of a young Mary of Magdala.

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Category: Fiction:Historical
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About the Book

Marian, the child of the beautiful prostitute, Joanna, lived in a small village on a caravan route to Egypt. When Joanna was a very young girl, a chance meeting with a handsome, blue-eyed Roman left her unbalanced, cruel, and with child. Marian is then loved and guided by an old, blind beggar who sits beside the village water well. A loving yellow cur dog always accompanies and protects her on her journeys. The beggar tells her that she is loved and cared for and that one day the whole world would know her name. He states, "Many evils must come to pass before you reach the mansions and golden streets you deserve." --- A child he meets at the well suddenly transforms the old, blind beggar. He is no longer blind and has become a clean, wonderful, gentle man. Marian is amazed to find that the small child who recently moved into the empty house near her home and saved her life when Joanna beat her and threw her into a filthy shed to die, is also the child that healed the old beggar. The small child had whispered in her ear that he would see her again.

Corruption and depravity rule the courts in Jerusalem and are suitable partners for Joanna. After meeting and seducing Zartain, the head Magician, Joanna coercises him into training her in the art of magic and the use of the white powder that is needed by the priests and the king. She rises to High Priestess and eventually gives the king her beautiful, blue-eyed daughter as a prize for allowing her to live in his palace. After using the child and nearly killing her, the king gives her to a servant to leave at the mouth of the leper caves. Zartain, who is also a healer, dresses her wounds before the servant leaves.

The caves housed many deformed but good people. They had a village of their own in the caves and are lead by Simon, who once was a wealthy, well-educated man. Marian became possessed by demons that assailed her body night and day. Finally, Simon has to chain her to the wall as she suffers terrible fits of rage. As he walked out the caves one cold night, Simon encountered a young man who asked to be led to Marian. As a blue light surrounded them, the young man drove out the demons and healed the lepers... He tells Marian that she would be called "Mary" from this time on. Mary of Magdala had many life decisions still to make as she meets her father, encounters her mother, and finally finds her savior, Jesus.



About the Author
Marlene Thevenote has worn many hats in her life: wife, mother, teacher, artist, tennis player, goat farmer, and now, writer. She has three married children and nine grandchildren. When retirement arrived, she and her husband bought a hundred acre farm and filled it with animals she dearly loves.



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