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by Dan O'Day

121 pages
Improve your callback rate by leaving irresistible voice mail messages!

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About the Book

Do you routinely experience a 65% - 85% callback rate from prospects?

HOW TO GET YOUR VOICE MAIL MESSAGES RETURNED will teach you how to make the prospect EAGER to return your call, while ignoring all the rest.

Dan O'Day has written the only book in the world that puts its money where its mouth is by applying its teachings to real voice mail messages left by real salespeople!

Not only will these techniques and strategies immediately increase your percentage of returned calls from prospects; O'Day will demonstrate these techniques in action by critiquing real messages and then "rewriting" them for you.

O'Day's approach to getting voice mail messages returned is radically different from anything you've seen, heard or read elsewhere.

Just A Few Highlights....

* The Three Underlying Precepts of successful voice mail

* How people prioritize their callbacks (and how you can take optimum advantage of the human psychology that motivates them)

* Your Seven Primary Tools

* 19 Voice Mail Principles

* The two questions you must be able to answer BEFORE you leave a voice mail message

* The Totem Pole Principle

* What most salespeople say that signals to the prospect, "I'm not a key player at my company." (And how you easily can avoid it.)

* The three key words that immediately DISTANCE you from your prospect. (Most people who leave voice mail messages make this mistake.)

* How to avoid "paralyzing your prospect with choice." (Many salespeople commit this error, and it greatly reduces their callback percentages.)

* The BIG Secret Weapon of Successful Voice Mail: Only the most successful sales pro's even know this exists. Once you start using it, you'll double or even triple your callback rate virtually overnight!

* Verbatim transcripts of real voice mail messages left by salespeople -- followed by detailed critiques and suggested rewrites. It's like being right there as the executive decides which messages to delete and which (few) to respond to.

* Commonly used phrases that absolutely DESTROY voice mail response rates

* Five Secret Weapons you can start using immediately -- that your competitors don't even know about!

* Cold Lines: How to get complete strangers -- 100% "cold calls" -- to call you back!

* Fifteen different Cold Lines you can begin using immediately

* Referral Cold Lines -- Examples that you can adapt, word-for-word, for cold calls which utilize a "referral" of some sort.

* Pre-Existing Relationships -- The types of voice mail messages you leave when cold-calling should be different than those you leave for someone with whom you've already done business...or at least have spoken to before.

* Six Stealth Tactics -- Your voice mail messages can appear on your prospects' radar right alongside all of your competitors' messages....Or you can employ these unconventional approaches to making a strong impression ...and getting your calls returned.

* Hail Mary Tactics -- Before "giving up" on a prospect, try one of these four dramatic, bold voice mail tactics.

Once this book has helped you get just ONE returned call that you previously couldn't get, it will have paid for itself hundreds of times over!



About the Author
Dan O'Day Dan O'Day, an internationally known Advertising and Marketing strategist, specializes in results-producing, one-to-one communication with customers. He's worked with media companies, ad agencies, and businesses in 31 different countries. His work has been praised by other marketing gurus including Jay Abraham, Joseph Sugarman, Joe Polish....



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